Camo, cat accidentally sold with bedding, is found!

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Camo, the stowaway cat who made headlines after being carried out of his petmom’s apartment along with a mattress and box spring, was found over the weekend, 10 days after he’d gone missing.

Roy Dufek “messed up big time” when he lost track of Camo, as he readily told his local community of Portland, Oregon and its surrounding area, while asking for help in making things right. His confession and call for help went viral, made the news, and spread far from home.

Roy accidentally and unwittingly included his girlfriend’s beloved cat as part of the deal when he sold Hayley Crews’ mattress and box spring for her on December 18, in preparation of the couple moving in together.

Hayley raised Camo from the time he was a kitten and had enjoyed 5 years of the cat’s company before he crawled into a hole in the box spring and was carried out the secure double-door entryway of her apartment building by the person who purchased the bedding for $100 while she was at work.

Roy was initially perplexed when Camo couldn’t be found after the sale but eventually figured out what had happened. The buyer said that, other than some odd sounds while he was affixing the box spring to the top of his vehicle, he had no idea what had become of the little stowaway. He allowed the couple to search his property for the missing cat and let them put a trap in his garage.

Camo went missing from the Northridge Apartments in Rock Creek, northwest of Beaverton. In addition to other search efforts, including posters, and the use of traps and a rented infrared camera near the buyer’s home, Roy posted on Craigslist and at the Portland topic at Reddit.

We shared the story on December 23, with our post: “I Messed Up” – Man accidentally sells mattress with GFs cat inside.

Camo was found over this past weekend, and was somewhat the worse for wear after his ordeal. He has been to the vet and is getting plenty of love and attention from his petmom.

Roy shared the good news in a Reddit update, where he gave details on how Camo was sighted and trapped.

Here is the story as posted to the Reddit online community, where many people had shown support  and offered helpful advice:

UPDATE 12/28/14 4:00p


Short story: Caught him in a trap hours after setting it near the new location where the box spring traveled, meaning he did in fact take the car ride all the way to the new bed owner’s house near Hillsboro airport. We were assured by a caller in the area that they did indeed see Camo based on the pictures available and we got a small animal trap setup near the sighting, came back an hour and half later and he was in there!

Longer story:

After another sighting was reported near Northridge Apartments yesterday (original home), we searched for a few hours finally spotting a cat outside an office building that looked very similar to Camo, but wasn’t him. There was food, water, and another indoor cat in the window of the office. We had three sightings reported on different days at that same corner or near of a cat that looked like Camo, we realized that it was most likely that cat both times so we decided to look more at the Evergreen & Sewell near the Hillsboro Airport (new home of the bed).

After distributing some fliers, Hayley went back set trap with sardines in oil and familiar scented clothing, then left. About an hour and half later she came back with her friend Kelly to do some more searching. Camo was in the trap! Although scared and hissy, they got him in the car and headed back to familiar territory: his old home.

After further inspection Camo had a cut lip, several of his nails were broken / paws were bleeding, one of his eyes was squinty, he of course was a mess, and he was very thin (lost about 2 pounds). He spent the night getting up several times eating and drinking and was taken to the vet this morning. The vet gave him an antibiotic shot, a good inspection, and he was off back to home where we think we pulled a tick off and are treating him for fleas. Hayley gave him a bath and he’s been cleaning himself vigorously since. All is good, and we expect the news to be covering this pretty extensively so that’s why we’ve waited to release this until we had some time to discuss the plan.

We can’t ever repay or say thank you enough to all the people that spent their cherished holiday time, and resources to help us bring Camo home. It was quite emotional last night, we’re in shock of this whole experience, and have been holding him tight! It’s been quite the ride and we couldn’t possibly formulate the words to describe how grateful we are for all the people who have reached out to us for suggestions, help, stories, comfort, and information. It’s the best feeling in the world to know friends and strangers a like has had our back in time of need, and to have him back safe and recovering. We can’t even imagine what’s he’s been through in a week and half running wild near the country side especially in this weather. Today is a great day!

Thanks again, Roy & Hayley

4 thoughts on “Camo, cat accidentally sold with bedding, is found!”

  1. So pleased this kitty is back…. Need to get rid of the guy who was the cause of the poor furbaby being lost. If he was a true animal lover, he would have made sure the cat’s safety/security was priority before the disposal of the mattress. Done it once, bound to do it again. Xxx

  2. That’s not fair, as it is obvious how the woman’s boyfriend was just as distraught and went out of his way to alert the media not thinking once of himself or any criticism he may face. Cats are quick, agile, quiet animals that can slip by before you can blink an eye, something like this could have happened to many people. I would say it is a given that this will never happen again, as the man in question showed his love and concern for his girlfriend AND Camo the cat.

  3. I agree with Ms. Phoebe’s Mum. I had indoor cats for 19 years. They are really good at hiding. I’ve had to use flashlight to search for them. Also the boyfriend went to the media, so that’s a great plus in his favor. I’m so glad Camo is back with his petparents. I’m sure the boyfriend will be more careful in the future.

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