Calling All Angels

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Why rescue? Why foster? Here’s why. Before and After – Fosters celebrates the beautiful transformations made by those cats who have been saved.

A rescuer helps us to see how those scared and bedraggled kitties peering out from their shelter intake photos become beautiful, sweet pets; thanks to those who give of themselves to make sure those transformations take place.

The video is made in support of NYC Urgent Cats on Facebook, which helps to make those transformations happen by posting the photos and descriptions of cats in danger at the NYC ACC, so that they may be rescued, fostered and adopted and go on to live good lives.

4 thoughts on “Calling All Angels”

  1. Do you accept guest posts? I adopted a feral kitten nine months ago and. he’s come such a long way, I would like to share his story

  2. What a beautiful video!!! And I recall several of these kittys!!
    NYC rescues…you are amazing~
    Long love from Los Angeles….. B

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