Call to action to help the Bayside Prison Cats


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By Karen Harrison Binette

Call to Action

The national US cat advocacy organization Alley Cat Allies is asking animal lovers to show their concern for a group of cats at a New Jersey prison who are being slowly starved after the imposition of a ban on feeding them.

Orders were given to stop feeding the cats of Bayside State Prison in New Jersey on October 9, 2014 after years of the cats living on prison grounds, being fed and cared for as part of a Trap-Neuter-Return program. On Saturday, November 8, 2014 Alley Cat Allies took a van of donated cat food to the prison, but were turned away.

In the days since, Alley Cat Allies and their supporters have been working to convince state authorities in New Jersey to resume the feeding of the Bayside State Prison cats.

In a news item at their website on November 14 entitled, Act Now: YOU Can Save Bayside State Prison’s Cats,  the organization wrote:

Cats at Bayside State Prison in New Jersey have been under a feeding ban for over a month. After years living on prison grounds, being fed and cared for as part of a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program, these cats’ lives are in danger. The prison’s administration has imposed a feeding ban, and is refusing to lift it.

The feeding ban has been in place for 36 days now, and cats are at risk of starvation. Alley Cat Allies has continuously reached out to the prison’s administration and the New Jersey Department of Corrections Commissioner Gary Lanigan, offering assistance. We have reported the cruelty, but no agencies are investigating. Alley Cat Allies is deeply concerned about the cats—last weekend we took a van of cat food to the prison, but were turned away.

Along with several groups in New Jersey, we can help set up clean, organized feeding stations, spay/neuter, vaccinations, and other colony care best practices that are essential to a successful TNR program—if Bayside State Prison lifts the feeding ban. These cats don’t have much time left.

Like you, we cannot and will not sit idly by while this cruelty takes place. This policy cannot be allowed to stand—it is quite simply a mockery of the fine principles that bind us together as a humane and caring society.

Alley Cat Allies asks: “Please TAKE ACTION to help these cats” at: Tell Department of Corrections to Lift Feeding Ban.

The following video, Help Us Save the Cats of Bayside State Prison in New Jersey!, documents Alley Cat Allies members as they tried to deliver cat food to the prison:


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8 thoughts on “Call to action to help the Bayside Prison Cats”

  1. Disgusting heart breaking !!
    Do these ppl know what does it means to be stave to death ??
    We call us Civilized ?? most advanced ??
    Human kind ??
    My butt !!!
    Kind ?? Where is the kind part here ??
    Where is the civilized part here ??
    I’m sick and tired of this barbaric humans animal torture around the world ..its always animals who suffers By ridiculous decisions By humans.
    what disappointing most is , this kind of ridiculous decisions comes from one of the advanced nation admin : ..
    Shame on you !!

  2. My last comment was for , decision made by Bay side prison admin: ” cats starving to death ”
    Disgusting heart breaking
    not ethical decision !!
    Pls protest this
    do something to help these animals

  3. Please understand that human criminals — guilty of murder, rape, theft, extortion incest and worse — IS THERE WORSE??? — are allowed to live in a prison with freedoms there that are TRULY denied other taxpaying and honest citizens. I must pay to go to a gym. Theirs is FREE. I pay taxes. They do not. I BUY groceries. Theirs are provided. And for committing CRIMES. What are I missing here? These creatures are guilty of nothing more than perhaps even being bred BY HUMANS for fun and profit!! Please try and understand that we are all intended to be the stewards of all God’s creations. Do not contribute and us, secondarily contribute, to the torture and denigration of these helpless and honorable creatures.

  4. Please someone help these innocent cats from Bayside. I called the Governor’s office. What else cab be done to help these innocent cats. That warden needs to not be fed for starvation sake and see how good that feels.

  5. To remove a cats food source causes it to either starve to death slowly or decimate local wildlife. How can this be ethical?

  6. If anyone else was to stop feeding the animals they had been taking care of for years, it would be against the law, cruelty and abandonment . Again , some who are to uphold the law are above the law.

  7. I do not want the cats at Bayside to be denied food, they have become dependent on the love, food and kindness of those that have been feeding them. Too, it is very important and beneficial for both the people and the cats for this activity to be upheld.

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