California Cat Rescues 4 Year Old boy from Dog Attack

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A cat in California came to the rescue when her family’s little boy was attacked by a dog Tuesday, charging the dog and running him off before he could further injure the child.

Tara the cat’s bold and brave actions were captured on surveillance video that was uploaded to YouTube by Bakersfield, California resident Roger Triantafilo, who wrote:

“My cat defends my son during a vicious dog attack and runs the dog off before he can do additional damage. Thankfully, my son is fine!”

The 4 year old boy did sustain injuries that required stitches, but they were, fortunately, not life threatening.

The surveillance video shows the dog sneaking up on the boy, who is in the driveway riding his bike, and grabbing his leg from behind. Tara runs at top speed into the attack, hurls herself at the dog, and chases him away.

The dog belongs to a neighbor and is now under quarantine and observation.

KGET is reporting that Erica Triantafilo, the boy’s mother, was also bitten by the dog, which continued to hang around following his attack on her son.

See the ABC 23 news report on the story:

Here is the raw surveillance camera footage as seen in the Youtube video. NOTE: Please stop the 56 second video at second 46 if you do not wish to see the boy’s injuries and stitches. :




7 thoughts on “California Cat Rescues 4 Year Old boy from Dog Attack”

  1. This shows cats r just as bonded with their human family , and dogs are not always angels to man

  2. FYI The dog was not “wandering the neighborhood” but instead moments before the neighbor had opened his gate to back his car out and the dog had gotten out,..unbeknownst to the owner.
    This cat is truly a HERO!!!! Way to go Tara!!!!

  3. Cats never receive enough credit for their loyalty and devotion. Kudos Tara!!!!! Well done girl!!!

  4. Where did the cat get the idea to body-check the dog? That’s not a move usually found in the repertoire of feline attack-behavior, is it?? Or is it?

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