California animal hospital cares for cat and kitten burned in Valley Fire

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The Animal Hospital of Cotati, in Cotati, California, is caring for two cats found with burned paws in the Valley Fire by Cal Fire firefighters.

Just a kitten, Cinder needs her wraps changed every other day and medication to keep her calm and out of pain.

Sylvester is a cat whose paws were burned in the Valley fire. He, too, was brought in to the Animal Hospital of Cotati.

Staff place both Cinder and Sylvester under general anesthesia while their wounds are cleaned and rewrapped.

Heather from the animal hospital has set up a Valley Fire Burnt Kittens at AHOC GoFundMe page in hopes of raising money to help with their care and possibly to locate their families.

She writes at the fundraising page: Hello, My name is Heather and I am the front office manager at the Animal Hospital of Cotati. We are currrently trying to raise money to help two victims of the Valley Fire. Cinder and Sylvester came to the Animal Hospital of Cotati from Lake County. Both had severely burned paws, and as many of you may remember, we have extensive knowledge on how to handle burn kitties from Adam. He came to us in 2007, also a victim of a fire.

We are hoping that Cinder and Sylvester’s owners are found, however we are doing all we can to get them healed and keep them comfortable. This requires a lot of work and sacrifice on the part of the Animal Hospital of Cotati staff, which we are happy to do. The funds we raise from this campaign will help offset the costs of feeding, medicating, bandage and bedding material, and skin surgeries on their damaged paws.

Heather asks that people share Cinder and Sylvester’s story. Below are videos from the hospital with the pair of burn victims.

Cinder the Valley Fire Kitten:

Sylvester’s long road to recovery:




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