Calico Mysteriously Lands on Governor’s Island

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Sunday night, a mysterious calico washed up on the north shore of Governor’s Island, off the coast of New York.

The security guard who spotted the kitty found her safe, but a little “seaweedy,” with salty fur. This led Governor’s Island staff to believe she may been swept up during the recent floods in New Jersey and swam or drifted to the island. “The theory she drifted over on a piece of driftwood is as good as any. It’s a mystery.” said Leslie Koch, President of the Trust for Governor’s Island.

Koch went on to say, “It seems so normal but then you know it can’t be normal because there’s 800 yards of water between us and Manhattan and 400 yards between us and Brooklyn. So, a cat can’t wander in like they do in somebody’s backyard.”

For now, the cat is being cared for by the staff, but they are hoping her owners step forward. If no one claims her, visitors to the island will get to meet her when the season opens on May 27th. In that case, the kitty needs a name and the staff is looking for suggestions via the Governor’s Island blog.

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