Cali and Her Petdad Are Happily Reunited 10 Days After a Fire

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Chris Barrows escaped with two of his cats from a fire at their Norwich, CT home last month, but  was upset at the loss of his year and a half old calico kitty Cali, who he thought may have run off if she hadn’t perished in the fire.  Friends and neighbors began to see a mostly white cat in the area, and were able to lure her out with the sound of cat food tins being opened. Cali and Chris were reunited this past Wednesday, after she had been on her own for 10 days.

Talking about Cali to a reporter, Chris said, ““She has a thing where if you sneeze, she’ll meow twice either to bless you or asking you to be quiet. She’s really, really quirky.”

The full story is told in the Norwich Bulletin.

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