Calgary Fire Department Rescues Unusual Residents

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Bobcat kittens were found at a house fire in Calgary, Canada. (Photo: Carole Henke/Calgary Fire Department)


Firefighters were fighting a house fire in Calgary, Alberta, when one found a small kitten near a side door of the blazing structure.  A second kitten was also found about an hour after the fire was out. But, it turns out, these little guys weren’t your everyday, domestic kitten.  Rather, they were young bobcats who appeared to have wandered into the area from the wild.

“We are going to hopefully reunite the kitten with the family because that seems to be the best thing to do,” Fire Department spokesperson Carol Henke told the CBC. Authorities believe the family of bobcats may have been living underneath the backyard deck.


The kittens were taken to Fish Creek Pet Hospital where they were assessed for injuries, given fluids, and cleaned up with next steps to transfer them to the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society.


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