Bus Driver Rescues Two Cats Susbisting on Scraps in the Freezing Cold

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According to a story in the Daily Tribune, A Pontiac, MI bus driver rescued two young cats earlier this month when he heard cries as he waited for his shift to begin. Wayne Gregor Nealis was parked behind VG’s grocery store when he heard what sounded like a baby’s cry.  He searched the trash bins behind the store for three days before finally locating the two kitties huddled together for warmth beneath a transformer box.

Gregor and his girlfriend Katie contacted the Michigan Animal Adoption Network / Animal Care Network, and already had the cats warming up in their car when the ACN rescue team arrived.

Gregor is quoted in the Tribune saying, “They probably have been surviving on just what would be around the grocery store or in the garbage containers,” and said he figured they’d been hanging around surviving on scraps for months.

Thanks to their rescuers, the cats, who have been named Greg and Wayne after the man who got them help, are safe and warm in the care of the Michigan Animal Rescue League, where they are looking for their forever homes.

The Michigan Animal Rescue Network shared the story at their Facebook page on March 14:

What a great rescue story for these freezing cold two young brother cats.

One of ACN’s favorite couple in the community Gregor and Katie helped pull off this great rescue story.

Gregor, who drives a bus in Pontiac, sits behind a local grocery story waiting for his shift to start and noticed these two young cats seeking protection from the cold behind a transformer box during extremely cold and windy weather.

When they saw him, they always ran, so he assumed they were wild (feral). Well finally he couldn’t stand watching them huddled together, shivering so he called ACN. The ACN rescue team met them over at the location and as you can see Gregorand Katie had the two FRIENDLY cats warming up in their car. It took a little maneuvering but they were able to reach them and get them out of the back of the transformer box!!!

These two wonderful cats “Greg” and “Wayne” were taken to the Michigan Animal Rescue League where they warmed up and ate and drank like crazy. They have since been tested, neutered
and are now up for adoption.

Thanks to Gregor and Katie for noticing and doing something to help these guys. We are so grateful to people in the community for stepping up for the animals.

Great teamwork!!!

Photo via Michigan Animal Adoption Network / Animal Care Network at Facebook






Greg and Wayne are available for adoption now. Click their names to view their listings.





The Michigan Animal Rescue Network is the organization helping Arnold Kuerbitz who many readers will recall from the story ‘Cat Man’ Rescuer Now Has Cancer, is Desperate to Rehome Cats.

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  1. What wonderful people!! This is just an awesome story!! Thank you for sharing! I hope they find a good, caring home & will be able to stay together.

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