Burned kitten to be adopted by his rescuer

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An intentionally burned kitten is recovering and will be adopted by the man who found him and took him to get care.

Tabby was found in the middle of the road in County Donegal, Ireland on Saturday, November 29, scared, severely burned, and in shock. The man who found the injured kitten called Burtonport Animal Rescue, in Burtonport, and someone from the organization went out to collect the cat.

Burtonport Animal Rescue wrote about the kitten on Facebook afterward, saying: “We went to collect the cat from the kind man who took him in and kept him safe [and] secure, but nothing could’ve prepared us for what we saw.  The poor cat … turns out to be about a 5 month old kitten that someone had seen fit to throw on a fire.  The poor soul had molten plastic stuck to his fur. The pads on his feet peeled off leaving his feet raw.  He also lost a claw, has infected toes, [and] his whiskers have been burnt off one side of his face. He had to be sedated to be assessed and has been on a drip and pain medication since Saturday night.  He was sedated on Sunday again to try and clean him up and have some patches of his fur clipped. He also has breathing problems which the vet is hoping will not turn to pneumonia. The vet said she has never seen a cat in this condition and the cat would not [have] jumped onto the fire himself.”

“UPDATE : We got great news about Tabby today he has responded well to treatment and will be able to come home tomorrow but he will be on cage rest. The man who found tabby has offered to look after tabby through his recovery and give him a home.”

“UPDATE 05 December 2014: We received pictures of Tabby today his breathing has settled.The main concern is his feet as they are still quite swollen and he needs to have them treated a few times a day as he has pus between his toes.”

Burtonport Animal Rescue would like to see the Tabby’s abuser brought to justice, and has asked anyone with information to contact them or the Donegal ISPCA. The rescue organization is accepting donations toward the cost of Tabby’s medical care.

Highland Radio also reports that the kitten’s rescuer will adopt him. Anne Marie Devine of Burtonport Animal Rescue speaks with Highland Rescue in an audio clip you can listen to HERE.

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