Buddy’s Tricks

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If only he could open the dishwasher and load it….

11 thoughts on “Buddy’s Tricks”

  1. Me too with cabinets but not with door handles…I do thinks cats are truly the most intelligent. No wonder they were revered.

  2. my cat can open a couple of the cabinets that don’t latch as tight as the others. he tries real hard to get the others open but just can’t quite get er done! and he can open the sliding closet doors…which don’t slide all that easily!

  3. I place child locks in my drawers too. My cats always do that and dirty dishes all the time. But claws ruin the facial drawers in front.

  4. My Smokey will open dresser drawers and closet organizers. He sorts through my socks and lingerie. He’s quite discriminating in his choices and likes the silky stuff.

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