Budd Doesn’t Know He is Different

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Budd is a CH or “Wobbly” kitty, born with the neurological condition Cerebellar Hypoplasia. While many CH kitties have a mild form of the condition, Budd’s was severe. He was unable to stand or walk when he was found at 8 weeks old and brought to Cat Depot, a caring rescue, adoption, education and resource center in Sarasota, Florida.

Budd started to make progress with baby steps … building muscle strength in a custom made cart under the guidance of his very special foster caregivers, Jill, Kay and Jim, who gave him constant care and love.

Budd had help learning to eat from the bowl and he learned to use the litterbox all on his own.

Many design changes and adjustments were made to his cart as Budd thrived in foster care and his mobility increased.

Budd now travels in his cart and gets in and out of his sling.

He has now found his forever home with his foster family.

Watch Budd’s incredible progress under the care of his loving family:







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