Bronx Woman Searches for Missing Cats Dumped by Petsitter

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A Bronx, NY woman is still searching for her two cats, who were dumped in an alley by a pet sitter two months ago.

Jennifer Ingber entrusted her two cats,  Tigger and Tuss, with a friend of her husband when the couple went on vacation in March.  When Jennifer returned home her cats were gone. Pet sitter Rafael Lugo initially said the animals took off, but surveillance video shows him dumping them in an alley behind his apartment.

Jennifer now spends her days traversing Ellis Avenue going door-to-door asking if anyone has seen her missing pets. According to Jennifer’s missing cats flyer, one of the cats requires a special diet and may die without  proper feeding. The cats were indoors only and were not well equipped for life on the street.

Bronxdale resident Rafael Lugo, 59, is accused of abandoning the two cats. He is charged with two counts of abandonment and is facing two years jail time if found guilty. The ASPCA said a second person, Robert Rames, was arrested today for allegedly helping Lugo dump the two cats.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the two cats is asked to call the ASPCA at 877-843-2772.

18 thoughts on “Bronx Woman Searches for Missing Cats Dumped by Petsitter”

  1. I found both the cats. I was the one who found them both. When an indoor cat gets out into the outside, they go into survival mode. They will not even come out to the sound of the owner’s voice. My advice to anyone who is in this situation is to sit outside for hours in the immediate area, ask neighbors if they seen the cats too. Usually at night when its quite the animals will come out so that is your best bet. At night shake the food, pop the can open, sit and wait. Call them softly as if you were talking to a baby and do not move.

  2. Hi Jennifer … I was just looking at this post this morning and wondering what, if any, progress had been made. I’m so happy for you, and for the kitties!

  3. I am so happy to hear that you found them!!! I hope they are doing well, and didn’t have any problems from their ordeal..

  4. So glad you found your babies!!! Happy news at the end of what could have been a tragic story. I do hope the man gets the full penalty and that his accomplice does too.

    For Clare: That was rude and uncalled for. A “professional” pet sitter means NOTHING. There is no licensing board for pet sitting. I hired a “professional” pet sitter to sit my two dogs for my honeymoon a few years ago… I came home to a house full of dog shit, and two dogs that had not been fed for about 4 days. Neither dog is aggressive- the “professional” just didn’t bother to come take care of them. Needless to say that “professional” pet sitter is no longer a pet sitter or involved in any form of animal care. So to say that– it makes NO difference.

  5. Thank goodness you found them both!!! I too have indoor cat’s and I just can’t imagine anyone just letting them out, I’m also a wildlife rehabber, so sitting outside and listening is my specialty…good for you and your fur babies, I hope this scumball get’s the maximum for what he and his little friend did, failing that I’d love to meet them in an alley, bastards, I’m sure they are just so happy to be back with Mom, take good care xoxo Mommacat =^.^=

  6. Jennifer – I am SOOOO happy for you and your fur babies. I’d be extra careful when leaving or entering the house… now that they’ve been outside they may actually WANT to go out again. One of my indoor guys was like that – got outside (friend left the door open) and after that he would always be watchin……waitin…..for that chance!! Best to be MORE cautious than not!

  7. Im so glad for you and your furry friends!! What a nightmare! I hope they were not to traumatized!

  8. I found both the cats. Tigger was very dehydrated and skinny. He was suffering. I’m so happy to have them home, but so hurt that they had to suffer that way.

  9. This will go down as a lesson to never hurt animals, there is no excuse in the world for animal to be put outside to starve.

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