Bravo, Rescued Kitten

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Bravo with his rescuer, Shawn Matchett
Photo, Laurie Watt for

A good Samaritan rescued Bravo and paid for a leg amputation for the injured kitten. A rescue group is now caring for Bravo as he recovers.

Canadian Air Force technologist Shawn Matchett of Lisle, ON was in attendance with his children at a military parade in Toronto on April 27 when he saw a little orange and white kitten dart out into the road and then run under a stopped city maintenance vehicle that was part of the street sweeping cleanup operation that followed the parade.

He told a reporter with, “I climbed under the truck. He had gotten up into the shocks of the truck behind the back wheel. I got him down and didn’t see his injury at first. He clung right to me and was scared. He smelled like garbage and was really dirty.”

Shawn took the injured kitten to a vet who recommended that his damaged leg be amputated.  He agreed to the surgery and paid for the procedure.  “This guy was so young and had such a life ahead of him, so I said go ahead (and do the surgery),” Shawn said. “When I saw him, it was shocking.”

When Shawn stopped at a PetSmart to pick up supplies for the kitten on his way home, he met a couple of volunteers from Street Cats Animal Rescue, of Inverness. Street Cats offered to take the kitten, foster him during his recovery, and adopt him out when he was healed.

Street Cats named the kitten Alpha Bravo, or Bravo for short, in honor of his rescuer.

Shawn later visited the Street Cats Facebook page, and said , “I read some of the comments and they said it’s such a rare thing I did. I don’t think it is.

“In the military, we do our job to make the world a better place. This is part of that same commitment.”

Photo, Street Cats Animal Rescue


Street Cats Animal Rescue has shared Bravo’s story and pictures at Facebook:

April 28:  “Meet little baby “ALPHA BRAVO,” the newest resident of Street Cats Foster program. Bravo arrived tonight & with him came quite a story….one of compassion & kindness, a story that is both heartbreaking & heartwarming.

“A gentleman by the name of Shawn was in Toronto this weekend with his family attending a military parade. When the parade ended, Shawn noticed a street sweeper parked on the side of the road….but something else caught his eye….a little kitten running under the sweeper. Shawn got under the machine & pulled the baby out. It clung to him in fear. Shawn realized it had a badly injured leg & he know he couldn’t just leave it there. Shawn took the kitten to a local vet clinic….it was bad news….the leg could not be saved.

“The kitten would have to be put down or the leg would have to come off. Shawn knew he couldn’t keep the kitten but he just couldn’t bring himself to euthanize him. So off came the leg….and with it a hefty bill. The kitten had surgery this morning and Shawn was told to pick him up this afternoon. Shawn hoped he would find someone who could care for the kitten, but figured he would have it for a few days. He stopped by Petsmart Barrie for supplies and met some of our volunteers.

“The rest as they say is history and now little BRAVO is safe in our care. We’ve named him ALPHA BRAVO as Shawn is a member of the Canadian Forces & we think the name is a fitting tribute to that fact. Tonight Shawn is our hero and we send out a big Street Cats salute to him …… MEOWWWWW !!!”


Maurice welcomes little Bravo. He gave him a big hug for being so brave.

“April 29: Update on baby “BRAVO.” He is visiting Big Bay Veterinary Hospital today just to be sure he is okay. Pictured with him is Big Bay’s clinic cat, Maurice.

“April 30:  This little boy and his rescue story have touched so many people and we feel privileged to be a part of it.

“Update on Bravo….he is doing well, back at his Foster Home. He is only about 6 weeks old and he will need a few weeks of recovery before going up for adoption. He will be vaccinated during this time and when ready, will have his stitches taken out. The vet is pleased with his progress and actually is quite surprised how well he is doing considering he only had the surgery this past Sunday. When he is fully recovered, we will begin taking Adoption Applications.


“In the meantime for those of you interested in adding a new family member to your household, please know that we have many, many cats and kittens looking for loving homes. While Bravo’s story is exceptional and he is definitely a special little boy, there are so many others in our care that need a home of their own.
And then of course, there is another alternative that perhaps some of you would consider…..fostering.”

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