Boy the Cat Is Reunited With His Family 16 Months After the Christchurch Earthquake

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Boy went missing after the devastating Christchurch earthquake hit New Zealand on Feb. 22, 2011. He turned up at a shelter this week and, thanks to his microchip, is now back home.

“We lost Boy on 22 Feb 2011 earthquake from Sumner. After 13 months I gave up hope.

“We are so happy to have him home. Take hope that amazing things happen and don’t give up.”

Bev Harris

 Bev Harris searched for Boy for over a year after the devastating Feb. 22, 2011 Christchurch, NZ earthquake, when he went missing. His family moved from their hometown of Sumner, but kept up their search for him for a year, though they eventually gave up hopes of ever finding him again.

That all changed when Boy was brought to Cats Protection Canterbury branch this past week, after being found in Mt. Pleasant.  He was being called Jasper at the rescue centre when a microchip scan revealed him to be the missing Boy.

Joint efforts between Cats Protection Canterbury, NZ ,, where Bev Harris had him listed, and others, reunited the long lost Boy and his family. His whereabouts during the 16 months he was missing are unknown.

Cats Protection Canterbury tells the story at Facebook:

Jasper’ was surrendered to us a couple of days ago after being found in Mt Pleasant. Whilst he had a microchip, the person he was registered to had moved so we started advertising him.

After a joint effort between Supervisor Gyanesha, Nigel from the NZ Companion Animal Register, Kim from Pets on the Net and members of the public, Jasper was finally identified as being ‘Boy’, a cat missing from Sumner since the earthquake on February 22 2011.

His owners had advertised him for 12 months before giving up ever finding him. He has had a few owners in his short life and the person who had him desexed was unaware that a microchip had been implanted at the same time.

Such joy for everyone who reunited Boy with his disbelieving owners after more than 16 months!”

Bev says it’s wonderful having boy back home and noted that after one night back with the family Boy had already displaced the dog from his bed and had settled back in to family life.

Home again, sharing the rug with the dog.


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