Boots, Cat Saved From Death By Bank, Goes to Her New Home

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Last Wednesday we shared the story of Boots, the cat spared from death by trustees at a bank.  Today Boots went to her new home.

We told how Boots was spared in Bank Saves Cat’s Life From Euthanization Stipulated in Terms of Owner’s Will. In short, animal lover Georgia Lee Dvorak left a will drawn up over 20 years ago when she died a few months ago. Trust officers at Fifth and Third bank felt uncomfortable having 11 year old Boots, the only remaining cat, euthanized in accordance with the will so took the matter to probate court after finding an alternative arrangement for her care.  Lawyers for the bank argued that it would violate public policy to have a pet put down when there was a suitable alternative. The court accepted the argument, and arrangements were made for Bootstol go to Chicago area no-kill shelter Cats-Are-Purrsons-Too.

Today Boots went to live at Cats-Are-Purrsons-Too, and a news crew from Channel 2 in Chicago did a feature on Boots’ story.

Neighbor Sandra Buturusis, who describes Boots as friendly and lovable explains why Ms. Dvorak would have wanted Boots to be euthanized after her death, saying “She was so afraid that if something happened to her that the cat would not be taken care of and she’d go to another abusive home.”

Jeffrey Schmidt from Fifth and Third Bank reminded pet owners to draw up a separate trust for their pets care.

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  1. Great story, Jeffrey Schmidt from Fifth and Third Bank is probably being besieged with marriage offers now, what a guy.

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