Bonnie Button: Kitten Gets Help

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An 8 week old kitten who came to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay shelter with a peculiar injury that separated the skin from her jaw, leaving her susceptible to infection, has gotten help with a simple procedure.

Dr. Barbara Beckett fixed the kitten’s mouth in minutes using a button from a shirt. Showing attention to detail, a faux tortoiseshell button was selected to blend in with kitty’s fur.  Dr. Beckett sutured the skin back into place, then sewed the button on to act as a compression garment to help the skin re-adhere back into place.

The kitten is now named Bonnie Button. She follows in the pawprints of a previous patient, Benjamin Button.

Bonnie will have the button removed in about four weeks, and will be available for adoption at that time.

The simple procedure was important for Bonnie’s future health and her ability to lead a perfectly normal life.



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