Bonded Kitten and Puppy to be Adopted Together

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Binx the kitten and Beans the pup each came into the care of the BCSPCA Burnaby, in British Columbia, Canada, late last year. Both had suffered ill treatment or neglect at their tender ages, and the pair became inseparable from one another in foster care. Due to their history and their special bond, the animals’ caregivers have decided to keep them together.

Injured kitten Binx

Binx was brought to a Surrey veterinarian and then surrendered to the SPCA on Oct. 18 by a Good Samaritan who witnessed the two-week-old kitten being dropped, stepped on and mistreated by children in a neighboring home. He convinced the owners to let him take the kitten and he immediately took him for medical treatment.

“Binx was so young that his eyes were barely open but he had already suffered extensive injuries, including head trauma and eye damage. He was also badly infested with fleas,” said general manager of community relations for the BC SPCA, Lorie Chortyk.

Binx received emergency treatment for his injuries, and was required to wear a neck brace to hold up his head until he got stronger. By the beginning of December, at about nine weeks old, Binx had regained some of his motor coordination and was growing stronger, but had problems with his eyesight. Binx has continued to recover and to grow stronger, and has seen the doctor about his sight. He has regained some of his sight, but still has issues with vision.

Binx and Beans in early December, 2012

The SPCA wrote in early December that Yorkie pup Beans was rescued on Nov. 22 after a couple called to say they had found a stray puppy at George Green Park in Burnaby. “It was a stormy evening with freezing winds,” according to Lorie  Chortyk. “When Beans was found he was extremely sick, malnourished, and suffering from hypothermia.”

The critically ill puppy was rushed to a nearby emergency clinic, where medical staff worked to raise his body temperature, treated him for dehydration and low blood pressure and inserted a shunt to administer medications and dextrose to maintain his blood-sugar levels.

“His survival was touch-and-go for several weeks and he had to be force fed and given medications every two hours to prevent seizures,” said Chortyk.  Beans and Binx’s foster caregiver and SPCa staffer Rhonda Ott, said the feisty pup successfully moved from IV fluids to syringe feeding and was soon eating like a champ. He suffered some hair loss, but once back on track,  was gaining weight and getting stronger every day.

Now the twosome are sufficiently healed and grown to be nearly ready for adoption to a good home. Because of the strong bond between the pair, “We would like to get them both adopted together. They’ve kind of bonded together with their sad stories,” said Ryan Voutilainen, branch manager for the Burnaby SPCA, in a story at Burnaby Now. “They enjoy being together. They play together, they’re always around each other, they sleep together,” Voutilainen said.

Binx now is three months old, and Beans is approximately five months old. Binx does not need special care for his vision issues, but his adopter will need to give him time and help to familiarize him with his new surroundings.

“No animal should face such adversity, especially at such a young age,” said Chortyk.   The pair are putting their past behind them, and are nearly ready for a good, new life together. They will be available for adoption together soon.



Interested parties can contact the Burnaby branch of the BC SPCA at (604) 291-7201 or [email protected] .



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