Bonded Cat and Dog Find a Home Together

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Shiloh the cat and Shiner the dog were surrendered to a shelter together by their owner in June. After initially being separated they were helped by an rescue group and were adopted into a wonderful home with their foster caregiver.

Shiloh and Shiner (aka Thurston and Lovey) were surrendered to Houston’s BARC shelter in June by their owner, who requested that they be kept together. They were separated, one put with the cats and the other with the dogs, but when they were reunited a few days after being left at the shelter, they were so happy to see one another that BARC staff decided to pursue options to help the bonded pair.

RED Collar Rescue agreed to help, and took the animals so they could be fostered together and ultimately rehomed together. A foster was found, but the person was not up to the task and talked about sending the pair back to BARK after one night, and some barking from Shiner. RED Collar reclaimed the pair and found another foster home. They described the experience at their Facebook page, saying “After only one night, she [the foster]decided the duo “did not fit her life style!” It seems poor Shiner was left locked in a room by himself all night. Being in a strange place away from his friends and family, he became anxious and barked. Early this morning, [the foster] informed us that Shiner had to be removed from her home immediately or she was taking him back to BARC, where his life would be in jeopardy. Of course, we rushed into action and by lunchtime they were both in TEMPORARY boarding at the vet clinic – but they are again separated and in desperate need of a foster home.

Julie and Paul Nemeth of Santa Fe, who had previously adopted a dog through RED Collar  learned about Shiloh and Shiner at RED Collar’s Facebook page. They already had both cats and dogs and offered to foster. Within a week, the pets had their forever home.

Julie Nemeth contacted RED Collar, saying, “It’s unfortunate nobody wanted these two sweethearts, and unfortunately no one will ever have the chance,” she wrote in an email. “We would love to keep this as their forever home. There is no way we could let them go.”

Thanks to the staff at BARC, to RED Collar Rescue, and to the Nemeths, the bonded pair remain together.

Note: Shiloh is also called Artemis. We are not sure which name has stuck.

Safe and happy together

Shiner running and playing with his new friends.

Shiloh getting love from the Nemeth’s daughter.

4 thoughts on “Bonded Cat and Dog Find a Home Together”

  1. What a wonderful person to adopt these two together. This doesn’t happen very often, and it’s very heartwarming when it does. So glad that Shiner has other buddies to romp with. Lucky little animals.

  2. Thank God for ppl that adopt and foster these animals! Just as giving to someone in need when you can, giving to these poor helpless animals are blessings to both. No matter how broke, upset, in pain or any other thing i can think of in life, having a pet with you can make you realize what is more precious than money:pure love! Wish more ppl could take a cue from animals and love unconditionally!

  3. I am so glad that these two got to stay together. Great people! I hope that the other foster is really reconsidered and maybe pulled from the foster list. You can’t lock a dog up and not expect it to be scared.

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