Bodega Cats

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Internets Celebrities made this nature documentary style look at the NYC bodega cat and its habitat, the little neighborhood market.

Bodega cats, the subject of much interest and of photos at Flickr and tumblr, are the subject of this new mini documentary showing a few of them in their surroundings.

The cats help store owners meet their obligation to have rodent-free establishments, while their own presence in the bodegas is technically illegal. They also make the bodegas more friendly and homey places for both shopkeepers and customers.

7 thoughts on “Bodega Cats”

  1. THATS IT ! I am asking my boss if I can bring my “Eilie Girl” to my greeting card store… where I work. I used to go to an optical place that had a huge Maine Coon that I loved to go see !

  2. “people” are so unfeeling and uncaring these days but karma will get them in the end.

  3. One of the small stores I shop at had a mouse problem and traps weren’t working. I asked them if they could have a cat and it turns out to be legal here. They now have a lovely tabby who keeps the mice under control and greets the customers.

  4. Years ago there was a small book store near me that had not one but two resident cats – a pair of brothers named Simon and Schuster. I often went in just to greet the kitties which frequntly turned into buying something. 🙂

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