Bobcat visits Belleville IL residents up close

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A Belleville IL couple got pics of a bobcat that came calling outside their house twice recently; then Dave and Cheryl Rose contacted neighbors and consulted the IL Department of Natural Resources. Neighborhood residents are cautious but not overly alarmed after reassurances that the bobcat is not a likely threat. The hope it will return to the wilds, though.

The video below visits the Roses and a neighbor and includes the pics of the wild cat just outside the Rose’s home.

2 thoughts on “Bobcat visits Belleville IL residents up close”

  1. well they have invaded his area so what do they think? prople dont even stop to realize that.. poor wild babies…

  2. OMG theres a Bobcat in my yard. So ready to get rid of it. Leave the poor thing alone he has just as much a right to be around as you do. OMG you walked out your door lets get rid of you.

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