Bobbin Gets Help

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An Elkhart IN kitten is safe now after being found in a parking lot with a thread tied around his neck and taken for care. Bobbin’s story is bittersweet, but will have a happy outcome for him.

Bobbin and a littermate had been tied together with the length of thread and, sadly, the other kitten had died with Bobbin still attached to him and dragging him around. Bobbin was found one day last week by the family of one of the staff at Animal Aid Clinic South, in Elkhart, where he was taken for care. He is being treated for a wound on his neck from the string, is expected to completely recover from the experience and has reportedly found a home with one of his caregivers.

It is not known whether the two kittens were tied together maliciously or, perhaps, by children who may not have realized the danger to the animals.

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