Bluecat Comes Home

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Reddit user FirePink shared this photo of their prodigal cat Bluecat with the world on Friday in celebration of his unexpected return after two years:

“Meet Bluecat! He left for almost two years and I assumed the worst had happened. Today he walked back in and curled up on the couch like nothing happened! I’m so excited my baby is home!!

“I grieved myself silly. We got him when he was a baby and he’d been kept outside. We tried to get him to stay indoors and he generally would, but refused to use a litter pan-always went outside for that duty.

“He went out one morning and never returned. After a few months of grieving I finally told my 4 year old he died and we had a big death talk. 6 months later we got 2 new kittens but it was never the same.

“Bluecat is my “soul-pet” and I still have the other 2 but never got really attached to them. I was amazed he’s still around and in such good shape!!!

“He had to be staying with another family. Hopefully he sticks it out with us now.”

Large image links back to FirePink‘s original at Imgur.


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