Blind Yet Free: Two Sisters Whose World Got Much Bigger

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Lola and Lulu (2)Lola and Lulu knew very little of the world outside their tiny cage during the first year of their lives. The sisters were rescued by a kind family from a feed store where they were kept tightly confined. The store was trying to sell them, despite the fact that they were suffering a terrible eye infection that ended up leaving them both blind.

The sweet cats had never seen a vet and were not spayed. The family that rescued them could not keep pets where they lived but wanted to get them out of the horrible conditions they were living in.

When they arrived at Friends of Cats, a cat rescue shelter in El Cajon, California, the infection proved to be much worse than originally thought. Both cats were feverish and their eyes were oozing with smelly pus. The sisters would die unless they received critical intervention.

Drastic measures had to be taken to save their lives, including the removal of their eyes, eyelashes and all nearby glands to completely eliminate the infection. The sisters then spent time recovering from their surgery, experiencing care and love for the first time.  Thankfully they did not have any recurring infeLola (2)ction.

After recovering, the sisters also were spayed and received the veterinary care that they missed during their time at the feed store. In addition, they were rehabilitated to experience the world outside of a cage-something they had never experienced before!

The affectionate sisters were finally adopted after they had recovered and gone through the rehabilitation period. Lola and Lulu quickly made their new home their own and within a day had full run of the house, according to their forever family. They continue to receive lots of love and care and live happily in their home.


Friends of Cats is a no-kill shelter for cats, located in El Cajon, California. They are a tax-exempt, 501(c)3, non-profit organization dedicated to providing shelter and medical care to abandoned cats or those whose owners are unable to care for them. They work to place healthy cats into loving adoptive homes while also providing sanctuary for the terminally ill or “unadoptable” cats and those whose owners have arranged for their continued lifetime care. The shelter houses approximately 300 cats at a time.

To watch a live stream of their adoptable cats and kittens, click here:

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