Blind kitten gets help and finds a home

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Elizabeth Kiefer and Charley/Ludo at the shelter on Christmas Eve.


Charley was a blind, homeless kitten in need of surgery when someone picked him up from the streets and took him to a caring shelter where he got help. Now he is getting loving care in his new home.

The tiny orange kitten was saved from the streets of Lynchburg, Virginia in early September by a good Samaritan who took him to the Lynchburg Humane Society. He was either born blind or suffered an early and debilitating infection that robbed him of his sight. Charley’s eyeballs were very small and did not fill their sockets, and his caregivers and vets determined that he needed to have his eyes removed to prevent dangerous infection to the tissues surrounding them. He was suffering from a respiratory infection when he was found, and was too small and frail for surgery, so it had to wait for a few months.

Because he was young and potentially adoptable, Charley was eligible for surgery at South Side Spay Neuter Clinic once he was big and healthy enough to undergo the procedure.

The Lynchburg Humane Society let everyone know that Charley was available for adoption on December 12, writing at Facebook: “Charley is Blind. Yep completely blind because of either congenital birth defect or having major eye infections at a very young age. Regardless he is really really sweet, loving and gets around just fine. Litter box trained, great with dogs and cats and in fact has been known to cuddle with dogs. He is 4 months old and available for adoption.”

Elizabeth Kiefer let the shelter know she was very interested in adopting Charley, but said it would be difficult for her to make repeated trips from her home in the Roanake area back to Lynchburg so he could have his eye surgery and his neuter.  It all worked out, and he went home to join Elizabeth and her family on Christmas Eve, two days after his surgeries.

The Lynchburg Humane Society wrote at Facebook on December 24: “We feel so blessed to be able to witness events like this! Charley just came back from surgery and doesn’t have eyes to help him get around. But he will have lots of love! With that support, he will adapt and even thrive. Thanks for adopting this sweet boy!”

The News and Advance covered the heartwarming story and reported that Elizabeth has renamed Charley as Ludo, after a favorite Jim Henson character.

“When I went to get him he just immediately nuzzled up,” Kiefer told the News and Advance. “He just immediately nuzzled into my neck and started purring. It was in an instant that he stole my heart.”

Back home in Salem and speaking to the News and Advance a couple of days after the adoption, Elizabeth said : “He had fit in so well, much better than you would think for a cat coming from a shelter.”

“It’s been amazing, even though it’s only been two days.”

“As soon as I saw him, I wanted him. There was just something about him. I couldn’t explain it.”

Ludo looks a little rough in the area around his eyes now, but will be looking much better after he heals and the fur grows back in.





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