Blind cat stolen from Hong Kong book store is returned

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A blind cat stolen from a popular Hong Kong bookstore last Thursday is safely back home, much to the relief of the shop owner, neighbors and customers.

Fuk Jai was taken from atop a bookcase in the Sam Kee Book Co’s used book section and stuffed into a backpack by a hooded, masked man, as was later seen in a review of the store’s CCTV footage. A witness shopping at the store confirmed that he had seen the catnapper.

It is thought that media reports on the incident led to Fuk Jai’s being dropped off at the Wan Chai branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) on Monday. The SPCA returned him to the store.

Caroline Chan, owner of the Sum Kee Book Store, was reportedly speechless when she was reunited with her kitty, whose name translates to Lucky Boy, after receiving a call from the shelter.

“Fok Jai is back. This is very fortunate. He needs time to rest now,” she is quoted saying in the South China Morning Post.

Fuk Jai was returned in good shape, other than some small scratches on his nose, but has acted somewhat panicky since his return.

Chan has had four year old  Fok Jai since he was a kitten.

“Fok Jai is timid and must be very afraid. I don’t want to guess the intention of the person who took him. But I don’t want to think too much as it worries me and I have to look after my other cats,” she said.

Chan says she is thankful to the thief for his change of heart and expressed that she had been worried that the publicity surrounding the case might have prevented the cat’s return rather than facilitating it. She had spoken out during Fuk Jai’s absence, saying she wold not press charges and was only interested in her cat’s safe return.

“I have told the police to drop the case, as this is my wish,” she said. “But the police told me they would deal with the case according to the force’s procedures.”

Customers and neighboring merchants are also celebrating Fuk Jai’s return.

Fuk Jai is one of several homeless street cats adopted by Chan and given a home at the store.




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