Blind Brothers Bacon and Eggs Find a Home

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Meet Bacon and Eggs, two eyeless kittens who just got adopted!


Meet Bacon and Eggs, two eyeless kittens who just got adopted!

Reddit user  someguyinanambulance volunteers with the Maryland SPCA (MDSPCA) and shared the above photo of six month old brothers Bacon and Eggs who were adopted together last month, and who gained many friends during their brief time with the SPCA.

The brothers were born with an eyelid defect that preventd them from seeing. The condition was further compounded by eye infections, so the best course for the boys’ well being was to remove their eyes.

The SPCA made it a requirement that Bacon and Eggs be adopted together, and a generous donor put up the money for their adoption.

Someguyinanambulance wrote in comments, “They actually went rather quickly! They became super popular because of their awesome personalities.”

“Bacon and Eggs both love to play as well. They also LOVE attention, and are always fighting over the best spot on the lap! And they can get around just fine without sight! They’re perfectly happy, healthy cats, and they’re some of the sweetest cats I’ve ever met. They’re the best.”

“When I first met them, I showed them to their owner. As soon as the owner said she’d adopt them, there were tears of joy from many different volunteers!”

Maryland SPCA wrote at at Facebook:

May 20: “Bacon and Eggs the six-month-old blind brothers are still available for adoption. They were born with a congenital eyelid defect that prevented them from seeing. To make them more comfortable and to prevent further infections, our vet staff removed their eyes. They spent several weeks recovering in foster care and are now looking for their forever home!

“Their foster mom and MD SPCA staff member Alisa says: “Little slows these two down! They act just like any other extremely social six-month-olds–they love to sit on your lap and Eggs [the one with more white] loves to climb on things. They both love to hang out and listen to the TV with you on the couch. They got along great with my 75 pound Husky and my own cat–Bacon loved to play with him. The just need a little more time to figure things out, but once they know where things are, they are unstoppable!””

May 22: “GREAT NEWS TO SHARE: Brothers Bacon and Eggs went home to their new family! Thank you everyone for all of the thoughts, prayers and FB shares! Thank you Mangy Lee for paying their adoption fee (and an extra donation), and thank you to the family who adopted them and welcomed them into their hearts! We wish them a lifetime of happiness together.”

MDSPCA photo


 Large image from Reddit user someguyinanambulance links back to its original at Imgur.

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