Billy The Stray Cat Changes The Life Of An Autistic Boy With The Healing Power of Love

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Billy was rescued after being abandoned and now, after being given a second chance with a new family, he has bonded with a special needs boy and created a miraculous transformation in the little boy’s life.

“The first time we took Fraser to see Billy, the cat went straight to him. Fraser sat down on the floor and Billy laid across him with his paws on his legs and just started purring. Fraser said “This is our cat, he can come live with us,” and that was that.”

Louise Booth

Four year old Fraser Booth had a very difficult life before he met Billy, with the events and tasks of every day life ending up in frustration, tantrums and meltdowns.

Billy’s life was far from perfect, too. He’d been abandoned by his family and was living in a boarded up Council house when he was rescued by Cats Protection, UK.

One day about a year ago the Booth family, who live on the Balmoral Estate in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, visited their local Cats Protection adoption centre. That day changed their lives, according to Fraser’s Mom Louise Booth. Fraser sat on the floor and Billy lay across his lap purring and won the boy over. Fraser knew he wanted Billy to come and live with him.

Since Billy’s adoption he has acted as Fraser’s guardian angel, sensing when things are going to go wrong and providing comfort and support to help stem the frustrations and tantrums before they set in. The cat is at his boy’s side night and day, providing love, comfort, security and friendship. Billy’s service is at least equal to that of any therapy animal.

Louise says, “Billy has made a complete difference to our family life, he’s taken away the stress, he’s added happiness and an air of calm, he’s just been amazing.”

A YouTube user made a sweet video using images of Billy and Fraser set to music.

3 thoughts on “Billy The Stray Cat Changes The Life Of An Autistic Boy With The Healing Power of Love”

  1. Thank you for another wonderful story. I agree with jr-you never know when something good will happen from a chance “meeting”. Billy needed help and Fraser needed it more. They met and the kitty knew the boy needed his help. More and more cats seem to recognize when people need help and they immediately go to the person and good things happen.

  2. All cats are little furry angels that just want to give, and be, loved.

    Some just don;t know it yet or have had bad encounters with humans that make them skittish about the contact initially.

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