18 thoughts on “BFFs: Greyhound and Snuggly Cat”

  1. Love it. Dog keeps looking at the camera like he/she’s asking, “what do these cats want from me?”

  2. a friend adopted two ex race greyhounds that were not considered good for racing and would have been put down if a greyhound rescue org. didn’t save them. No interest in racing just a quite run in the park is sufficient and at other times enjoy being couch potatos. The greyhounds share a house with three Shelter cats and they don’t chase them. Greyhounds make great pets.

  3. Greyhounds usually do quite well with cats…Not all but most, and what others said they really don’t need to have a lot of space, a good outing at the dog park a couple of times a week is usually enough…they are the ultimate couch potato…you have to remember that most of the racers only ran at the track twice a week, the other days and most of their days are spent in crates, with about 4 turn outs a day…and the turn outs are not huge….and mostly in there they just mill around….I used to have 3 greyhounds, 1 Saluki, 9 cats , 2 birds and a man and I always said that the man and the birds were going first since they did the most squawking….it seems 14 is about the average age for this breed, my last greyhound…Khaptavation lived to be 14.

  4. Sight hounds make great pets and will love felines indoors, but never let both of them outdoors at the same time. @Lisa – they aren’t lazy, they just like luxury. Mine had their own couch.

  5. We have a lot of that at my house, too. The dogs will hold their heads out to get facial grooming from the cats.

  6. awww, how sweet…… I have to wonder if the cat/s were always this cuddly with him or if they knew he was nearing his end some how? Bobtails are very friendly, especially to people~!

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