Best Nurse Ever!

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A woman from Virginia who had spinal fusion surgery says her cat – who is right by her side – is the best nurse ever.

Reddit user Penguinz90 posted the photo seen here, writing: “I had spinal fusion surgery on Monday, came home from the hospital on Tuesday and she has not left my side the entire time! She sleeps with me, and follows me everywhere I go, best nurse ever!!!!”

Penguinz90 notes that cat purrs are thought to help relax you and heal you faster. She will have to wear the brace for 6 weeks.

She added in comments:

“My sweet girl still continues to hang out and sleep with me.”

“She has chosen me as her human. When I am gone she wanders around looking for me then hides until I come back home. I love her to pieces.:

You can read the complete comment thread and upvote the post at Reddit HERE.


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