Bernice’s Video Made by Her Friends at Animal Hospital of Oshkosh

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A hospital staffer made this touching video on Bernice and her journey from the time she was found, burned and alone, up to about two weeks ago when she had made great progess. The video also shows Bernice with her caretakers and is a thank you from the hospital to all of her supporters. Bernice has continued to improve since this video was made.

Bernice’s Story.

34 thoughts on “Bernice’s Video Made by Her Friends at Animal Hospital of Oshkosh”

  1. I have been reading about Bernice. What a touching story, and she is a beautiful little fighter! I hope she continues to heal and get more strength every day. I’m thankful to those who give their time & efforts in helping animals in need!

  2. Oh my gosh, how sad to see her beginning here, BUT, it shows hope and healing later, poor Bernice deserves the BEST home ever, a quiet, peaceful one I think would be best for all she’s gone through. I pray for her healing and for the monster who did this to be caught and castrated……It breaks my heart to see this abuse done to helpless animals….

  3. Wow, I dont know where to begin`! HOw touching~! All of it, who knew you had to puther under FULL anesthesia daily. wow~! She has come so far thanks to all of you~! You are angels and your love is healing her~! You are truly doing Gods work and this entire situation is full of lbessings, I choose to focus and be thankful for those and not to dwell on the tragedy which began this journey.~! God bless you all and continued prayers………. :*) Thank you again from the bottom of my heart, My God she’s kneading that purple bear, amazing~!

  4. god bless everyone that has helped her and her little heart.. unbelievable that it happened but it makes me proud to be a part of the community living with the people helping her

  5. truly touching video. Bernice is a fighter but she couldn’t have done it without her human friends at Oshkosh. Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity. (Been a bad week for cats)

  6. I cried both tears of saddness and joy. I hope she continues her fight to healing. She is beautiful. I hope whoever did this to her gets a knock of bad karma a thousand fold.

  7. What a truly awful thing to have happened to this little girl. I can’t begin to imagine the horrific pain she must have been in and is probably still experiencing. I’m glad that she’s getting stronger and knowing love and feeling safe. Thank you to Bernice’s caregivers – your caring, patience and dedication are reaping huge dividends for this little girl (and boy, is she tiny). You’re doing amazing work. Please keep us updated on this little one’s progress.

  8. Facebook page (hit enter by accident and dang comment posted) so I saw this when it first posted. I’ve watched it several times since then and it makes me tear up every time. The post new pics of Bernice frequently. She even got a cat nip banana to play with a couple of days ago. She’s still improving, bless her heart!

  9. This was so beautiful.. Thanks for sharing our beautiful Bernice.. I am still crying and want to thank you all for all the love and care you have and are still providing for Bernice our miracle kitty.. =^..^= <3

  10. I am so grateful for these angels taking care of sweet, little Bernice! The video is so touching; I cried from beginning to end! THANK YOU to the staff at AHO from the bottom of my heart!

  11. Tears. Sad, then happy that she is so much better!! Thanks, Animal Hospital of Oshkosh!!!!!

  12. Ok, bawled through that whole video. God bless her caretakers for not giving up on her. You can tell by her eyes that she has the will and the love for her people. What a special little girl. Be well Bernice!

  13. Amazing video of an amazing cat and her caretakers. My heart hurts so for Bernice and the pain she must endure every day in her recovery process, but she is recovering thanks to the angels at Oshkosh. I hope Bernice’s forever home is filled with the love, peace and softness she so deserves.

  14. Bernice, I’am so happy to hear about you this week,I have followed you story and updates from the begining, and I think of you daily and how you are doing… Thank you! to your amazing caregivers for all they are doing to help you heal. I know you still have a long road ahead of you on your recovery.You are so lucky to have such wonderful friends that have made this video of you to share with everyone that have so many prayers and well wishes for you. Sending lots of love to you Bernice and your caregivers at AHO.

  15. poor,lovely Bernice. Is it decided who will giver her a forever home? that is what I am worried about. she is beautiful and this video made me cry…

  16. God bless all of the staff and all of the people who are helping Bernice recover. You all are true heroes.

  17. Bernice – you are an inspiration of hope! THANK YOU Animal Hospital of Oshkosh for taking such incredibly excellent care of Bernice, and for sharing her remarkable recovery! THANK YOU especially to Dr. Becky for her loving and special care of Bernice. THANK YOU to the staff who put together this update and video on Bernice’s incredible recovery! God Bless each and everyone one of you for loving Bernice and helping her make it this far!

  18. God bless little Bernice!!What a true fighter she is, watching the video warmed my heart i just adore her,i know this baby will get through this with the strength she has shown she is such an inspiration and deserves to beat the odds. God bless the wonderful people taking such good care of her,and im sending all my love to her all the way from Australia… get well Bernice!!:):)

  19. I commend you for a job well done! Its really sad, and hard to look at some of the footage, but she looks good!I cant believe someone would set an animal on fire! SICK!!!

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