Bernice: Sweet and Playful

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Bernice burned kitty who lives in the care of Animal Hospital of Oshkosh WI has not only made great process in recovery, she has recently begin to play and to seem like a normal cat. We get to see her wonderful sweetness in a new video.

The photo of Bernice and her catnip Banana is just one over several recent pics showing Bernice up on her feet and moving around at the hospital, where the staff is encouraging her to walk and play. She has found her playful self thanks to their loving care and her indomitable spirit.

This video made on Friday, August 26 by Animal Hospital of Oshkosh, and titled Miss B Has A Good Day, shows a brief glimpse of Bernice having a happy moment in her little basket while sitting in the sunny window at the hospital. She shows an endearing sweetness that is nearly unbearably touching to see.

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  1. Awww Bernice, this fills me with joy to see you playful – may each day become less painful and more joyful for you!

  2. It’s wonderful to see the progress she has made. I’m wondering if she is able to close her eyes. Have her eyelids been burned away? Does she need eyedrops to keep her eyes moist? Also has she made any vocalizations? Hoping her pain is subsiding. She is such a fighter! I wish her continued improvement and hope whoever did this to her is found and punished.

  3. Just watched Bernice in her latest video,playing in her basket,boy that made me smile i had a grin a mile wide.She is THE MOST sweetest natured baby,after all her suffering and pain she is just WONDERFUL!!!! What a spirited little girl,LOVE LOVE LOVE BERNICE.

  4. Ahhhhhhhh – Bernice you are improving so beautifully! Her skin is all pink & healthy and some of her fur has grown back! Bernice is proof of the result of lots and lots of prayers! Wishing her continued healing and good health! Bernice, I am sending many blessings to you!

  5. I’m glad to see that Bernice keeps continuing to do better and better. She appears to be getting back to more of a sense of kitty normalcy with all of the great care and attention that she is receiving. That video made me smile!

  6. Nice to see she is doing well and at the end of that video you can actually see her smile – WARMS THE HEART! God Bless little girl!

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