Bernice Grows Ever Stronger and the Light Shines in Her Eyes

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Bernice is seen here having her own private picnic at Animal Hospital of Oshkosh on July 28. The severely burned kitty is making great progress and gets ever brighter, perkier and stronger. Here’s a brief update recap of last week’s photos and progress.

The most recent update from Bernice’s caregivers, on Friday July, 29 is that “Our girl is doing well today! Lots of rest, food & love are on her agenda. Getting better every day!” Bernice is still snuggling with her little Curious George stuffie, too.

She is standing and walking well, eating on her own with a hearty appetite and, very importantly, the light is glowing bright in her eyes. The photo below from last Wednesday, taken on one of Bernice’s outings and showing those beautiful eyes, shows just that.

Considering how short a time it’s been since she was so badly burned, Bernice looks absolutely great.

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  1. Thank you for the update on Bernice. I can only pray that beautiful girl completely heals and finds her loving, forever home. She deserves to never, ever have another bad day in her life and to be pampered and cherished. I love your Bernice and I am praying for you.

  2. So good to see the improvement. What a precious little soul to go through so much. Her little whiskers are growing back, that’s awesome. Please keep us posted. I can’t even imagine such a sick person to do something like this to one of God’s innocent little creatures.

  3. My happy healthy kitty is laying next to me and as look down at him I can’t imagine how anyone can harm such a sweet loving soul. Bernice is such an inspiration. I’m not sure I would have that kind of fight in me if I ever go through an ordeal like her…

  4. Jess, I love your comment. I am sitting here with my two boys, peacefully sleeping next to the computer as I write this. Whatever happened to beautiful Bernice, I hope she is getting better each day and only feels the love and concern felt by all of us out here in cyberspace. Go, Miss B!

  5. It’s really great to hear she’s doing so well! It breaks my heart to think what might have happend to her. God bless you, Bernice and your caregivers!

  6. What surprises me most about this is how badly she was burned on her face, yet she does not seem to have any injuries to her eyes or on the rim of her eyelids [other than one little spot with swelling below her left eye].

    Finally seeing some good pictures of her burns, to me, it looks like the flammable agent dripped/spilled or was intentionally poured on her neck just above her shoulder blades while she was sitting. Note the burned/missing skin between her shoulder blades that looks like the flammable agent ran down her sides [as seen in pic 1 her right side where it goes down her leg {vertical}, and in pic 2 on her left side but goes across her ribs {horizontal}]. And I’m wiling to bet shes a left food lead based upon the burns. I’m curious to know if she suffered any hearing damage.

    Additionally, I’d say the reason for the burns on her face were because when she was on fire or shortly after the flammable agent was on her body [thus transferring to her nose and whiskers above her eyes], she instinctually tried to lick those places, and her wiskers above her eyes caught fire and also her nose. And that would explain why her eyes didn’t get burnt because she would have closed them when trying to lick.

    Would it be wrong of me to say I’d like to “high five” the face of the person(s) who did this….. multiple times…. and I’d enjoy it.

  7. I really enjoy to hear about healing from this fantastic cat – what a strong cat she ist with an anormously will to survive She is one of the most amazing animals I have read about. All good luck furthermore for her future and healing. Love her. 🙂

  8. I really enjoy to hear about healing from this fantastic cat – what a strong cat she ist with an anormously will to survive She is one of the most amazing animals I have read about. All good luck furthermore for her future and healing. Love her. 🙂

  9. Im glad she is doing better! Thanks to you people for putting so much effort and care into her recovery!

  10. Our family is so happy that this sweet beautiful girl has found angels to help her over come. Every update we find about this lovely baby makes us soo happy. She is truly a remarkable, strong, beautful girl. Thanks to the wonderful vets and techs that renew our faith in what is possible!

  11. Thanks for the update! I think the fact that she is eating means she is not feeling the pain, maybe due to pain meds. It looks like maybe her whiskers are starting to grow back!

  12. I can not fathom what has been done to you, Bernice. Anyone who can do such a thing to one of God’s precious creatures should be PUNISHED SEVERLY. I pray for your continued progress and I LOVE YOU A WHOLE BUNCH and FOREVER!!!!

  13. It tugs at my heart strings when I see pictures of little Bernice, and to think of what she has been through. I’m amazed and so happy at her progress. Thank you so much for continuing to post updates on her condition. She is such a little trooper & I hope she continues to progress to complete health! XOXO, Bernice.

  14. Hi Sweetheart – sending you loving and healthy vibes out in The Universe for you. Gentle pats.

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