Bernice Gets Her Groove Back … Or Begins To

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Bernice has made remarkable progress in the two short weeks since she was found severely burned on the street in Oshkosh WI. It was not known at first whether she could be saved, and now she is eating, showing lots of spunk and even going out for a bit of fresh air.

This unfortunately injured cat’s journey has captured the attention and concern of many since her story became known, and she has been cheered every step of the way as she has made a great progress toward regaining and showing her vibrancy.

As many readers know, Bernice is under the guardianship of the Oshkosh Area Humane Society and under the care of Animal Hospital of Oshkosh.

Bernice has found her appetite and is eating well; so well, in fact that she has gained an entire pound. She is feisty, to the point of tearing her bandages and pulling at her tube (since removed). She is walking a bit, and she is strong enough to have been taken outside for some stimulation and a change of pace. Her burns are healing, too. Skin has stopped sloughing off and the burned areas are becoming itchy, a good sign.

Her personality is beginning to show, too, so, in a small way, Bernice really is getting her groove back.

Cuddled up with Curious George

“Our girl Bernice is still not out of the woods yet, but her condition has improved drastically….we’re so impressed with how well she’s coping & healing. Strong kitty with a strong will, that’s for sure!”

from Hospital staff report on Bernice

In a related development, Oshkosh Area Humane Society is now offering a reward for information that will lead to conclusive evidence telling what happened to Bernice. It is still not known whether her injuries were intentional or accidental, though authorities say there were no known fires at the time of her injury in the area where she was found. Anyone with credible information can make contact as follows: [email protected] or 920-303-3166

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32 thoughts on “Bernice Gets Her Groove Back … Or Begins To”

  1. That last bit about no known fires… I can’t help but feel this was an intentional act on the part of some psychopath. I hope they catch whoever did this before that person does this again, or starts going after people.

  2. How sad….she is so precious….I hope they figure they figure out what happened to her, and if it IS some sicko that did this…they need to be PUT AWAY FOR A LONG TIME!!! Keeping Bernice in my kitty prayers for healing and recovery! <<>>

  3. i would like to get a hold on the person that did this to bernice!! animals are so forgiving, wish i could be.

  4. That’s the spirit, little girl! Don’t let your perp win! I hope he/she is found and dealt with w/ the heavy hand of law, or at least, may they burn in hell! Hugs to Bernice <3

  5. Keep up the good work Bernice. May you heal quickly and find you’re furever home sweet baby girl !!

  6. fire does such ugly things to skin. I am so happy she is getting better Her recovery is incredible…hang in here bernice! we’re cheering for you! she is so brave!

  7. As bernice is showing us, animals can “outlove” the hate of some humans… That poor babies burns are hopefully nothing compared to the burn in hell her attacker will suffer one day….cos you cannot beat karma, you cant do those sorts of things without it coming back big time…

  8. My eyes are full of tears when I see this little brave cat – Bernice. How on earth can human do that? Because I don`t think it was an accident. Cats are carefull and will not go into such fire or whatever selv. They are intelligent. And what a fantastic will to get healthy – an amazing wonderful cat. Love you.

  9. That poor, poor kitty. I’m glad that she’s in good caring hands now and gets to a full recovery from her injuries. We’re pulling for you every step of the way Bernice!

  10. Just saw this and am horrified. Many prayers and well wishes for Bernice, as so many have done for our Iris and Whitney at Hillside SPCA, Pottsville PA.

  11. When I read this and saw the pictures I cried..How can anyone be so heartless do this or anything so horrific to any animal. I am happy to hear Bernice is recovering and continuing to get stronger. I am such a cat lover that this truly breaks my heart to see. Animals don’t have voices and we must be that voice for them. My prayers are with her and hope she has a speedy recovery.

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