Bernice Gets Her Beauty Rest

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Animal Hospital of Oshkosh posted this pic of Bernice today as an update to her many fans and well wishers.

Bernice’s leg is wrapped as it heals from her most recent surgical procedure to remove tight scar tissue and replace it with good, supple skin. This second such surgery should have her looking much better and getting around with increased mobility after she is healed.

The surgeon will visit next week to check on Bernice and see how well she is coming along. Until then, she is supposed to rest as much as possible.

The cat who was found burned last summer has come a long way toward healing. This surgery and rest period is not a setback, but a step forward.

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  1. she is such a lovely girl isnt she? go glad they are able to make her better and more painfree. we all love you bernice!!

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