Bernice Burned Kitty’s Story Makes The News

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Bernice, the burned kitty on the mend, made the news last night and we’ve got the video. Otherwise, she continues to improve and heal.

Here’s Bernice, looking pretty smooth and bare, but that’s actually good; she recently had some dead tissue removed to expose the healthy tissue and help it heal.

Wisconsin’s WBAY abc2  television news ran a feature last night on Bernice, her progress and how her story has reached the hearts of people from as far away as Australia and the UK.

As many readers know, Bernice was found severely burned last month in Oshkosh, WI by a good Samaritan and taken for care. She was made the ward of Oshkosh Humane Society and receives medical treatment and lives at at Animal Hospital of Oshkosh, where the staff has become her family.

The kitty that, according to the news report, was initially given a 5% chance of survival is progressing remarkably well and winning hearts and supporters in the process.

The video shows Bernice, the same cat who was cocooned in wraps just a couple of weeks ago, up and walking around. It is still a bit painful to watch her as she walks but her strength and spirit show through.

As the news story notes, over $10,000 has been given in donations so far for Bernice’s care.



It is still not known how Bernice received her injuries. There is a $500 reward for information.

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0 thoughts on “Bernice Burned Kitty’s Story Makes The News”

  1. So glad to hear that she keeps improving 🙂 I hope that she finds a wonderful furrever home – I wish I could have her!

  2. If her vet bills are more than covered by the $10,000, maybe they could use the excess to up the reward amount. So glad she is doing as well as she is.

  3. So glad she continues to improve. Let’s cross our fingers that she can stave off infection. Such a fighter!

  4. 5% CHANCE~! Wow, Praising the Lord here for this MIRACLE~! What a will to survive. Thank you and God bless you ALL for helping her~! Continued prayers for a FULL recovery for little Bernice………. :*)

  5. Little brave poor kitty – go on my dear, you`ll manage. Which such a strong will to survice – I`m so impressed. God luck from all my heard and love 🙂

  6. just can’t believe anyone would do a thing like that to this poor insant cat Im glad to see that your cat is doing better is still beautiful there gods creatures too

  7. I cried. poor baby. to see her walking. it looked so painful. and yeah she looks horrible but with burns it is horrible when actually it is getting better. so happy she is recovering. I wonder if she has a forever home to go too when this ordeal is over. very nice she has lots of cash for the best care she can have.
    go bernice go!
    we all love you and hope for the best.
    does anyone know of her hair will grow back?

  8. What in the world is wrong with people who do these horrible things to innocent animals?! This country needs higher levels of punishment for people who are abusive/cruel to animals. Thank you to everyone who cared enough to give this baby a second chance and thank you Lord for guiding the right person to sweet Bernice. Even in the condition she is in now she is beautiful.

  9. Many prayers and sending tons of love to Ms. B. I will never be able to understand how anyone can abuse a innocent animal. They were meant to be loved, not tortured. May God bless Ms. B and watch over her. And a special thank you to all her wonderful caregivers. May God bless each and every one of you !

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