Bernice Burned Kitty Improves

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Bernice, the kitty found severely burned in Oshkosh WI is making good progress and showing signs of stabilization and improvement, while still in critical condition. Meanwhile, everyone at the hospital and the humane society is excited tonight about a little milestone in her progress.

Bernice was found on Monday, July 11 in Oshkosh WI with severe burns from an unknown source. She is in the care of the Oshkosh Area Humane Society and she is staying at Animal Hospital of Oshkosh.

The update below is from Bernice’s primary doctor, Dr. Becky, made yesterday for those who’ve shown concern for the severely burned kitty.

“Thanks to all that have expressed heartfelt concern and much needed support in our battle to save Bernice. When Bernice came to us last week, her condition was very touch and go, and her prognosis was poor at best. In the last week she has made great strides, but she is not out of the woods yet. Her wounds at this point are stabilizing, with only minimal tissue sloughing on a daily basis. Keeping her pain controlled has been a big feat, but through a regimen of multiple medications, we’ve been able to keep her resting comfortably throughout the day.

She interacts with us daily by talking to us and purring. We even get the occasional head butt when we rub her favorite spot on the top of her head! Every day we go for a walk in the clinic, which gets her excited for the chance to look out the window.

Seeing those small signs of interaction is very important to us, and holds a lot of weight in evaluating her comfort and progress. Bernice is willing to eat on her own, but gets tired very easily. She allows us to assist her in eating without a problem, and loves to be held and talked to.

So far we have been able to keep her wounds from getting infected, which still remains one of our biggest struggles. At this point in time, as with human burn victims, Bernice is still in critical condition. As her primary doctor at this time, I feel that the battle is still worth fighting. Please know that her quality of life (given her condition) is my biggest concern, and will be the deciding factor as to whether or not to continue going forward. We re-evaluate her condition and all its multiple factors multiple times daily to make sure we are doing right by her. Although she is weak and tired, she is comfortable and infection free.

She is quite the fighter, and has touched us all at the Animal Hospital of Oshkosh in indescribable ways. Please keep Bernice in your thoughts and we will be sure to keep you posted on her progress. “

The rather indistinct photo just above, of Bernice eating from her bowl, shows the little milestone that has many of her caregivers and supporters cheering tonight.  It is being considered a big step for the dear girl that after a few days of turning her nose up at fer food she tucked in to a bowl of dry food this evening on her own and with enthusiasm.

We join everyone else rooting for Bernice’s recovery in taking comfort in the small signs that she may recover from her injuries.

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  1. She’s purring and head butting? With everything she went through, she’s still trusting of humans. That in and of itself is a miracle! I’m not sure *I* could do that after an ordeal like that! Animals are amazing and we have much to learn from them. Keep fighting, Bernice! You are much loved and rooted for!

  2. Many prayers to you, you sweet little angel. So much love out here for you! Get all better and find out that not ALL people are bad.

  3. I love the people taking care of her. They are amazing and if anyone can pull her through it is them!

  4. So happy to hear the good news. But so troubled by the person that could commit such a horrible act. Thank you for being there. I am crying and smiling and holding my own rescue kitty tight after reading this. This is why I don’t let my own cat outdoors. Not safe. He hangs out in a screened in deck and is perfectly happy and safe from harm. You never know who could just grab him. Ugh.

  5. FIRST OF ALL THANKS TO EVERYONE who is caring for this poor little girl. I am praying to buddha to help her become well. i do hope they find the low piece of animal that did this to her…

  6. Is there anything I can do to help Bernice? I just cannot sit and look at her pictures, poor little darling, I don’t wante her to die.

  7. Thank you so much for the update on Bernice. That is such a touching picture. It’s good to hear that she likes to be held and petted and does some head butts. I will continue to pray for Bernice. She is such a cutie pie.

  8. Thanks for the update on her condition. Really happy to see she is making small steps toward recovering.

  9. Your love and affection towards her is ONE OF THE BIGGEST REASONS SHE HAS A WILL TO FIGHT~! God bless you all for helping her. Prayers to her creator for COMPLETE AND QUICK HEALING~! :*)

  10. You people are Angels without wings and Bernice is one lucky little kitty – with the heart of a lioness. Don’t give up on her now – she isn’t. Head butts and purrs are excellent signs. I know a long haul truck driver who would love to keep her with him if she needs a furr ever home.

  11. I wish Bernice could understand all of our good wishes for her speedy recovery. I know that, if everything works out, she will find a fabulous forever home.

  12. Hi Marina,
    Bernice is being well cared for and receiving medical attention, so all we can do is send her our best wishes and possibly donate toward her medical expenses.
    Anyone interested in making a donation is advised to call the Oshkosh Area Humane Society at (920) 424-2128 or to donate on their website: . Otherwise, call the Animal Hospital of Oshkosh at (920) 235-2566.
    When Bernice’s story became well known the HS was flooded with offers to adopt her and they responded by saying it was far too soon to consider that option for Bernice, and they asked those people to please adopt one of the many thousands of cats and kittens looking for homes in shelters everywhere.

  13. It breaks my heart when I look at her – to think of what this poor cat has lived through. She’s definitely a fighter to have made it this far! Bernice is in my thoughts and prayers. I’m so glad she is showing even small signs of improvement. Thanks to Dr. Becky & staff for all they are doing for Bernice.

  14. Could someone update me on this horrific case and let me know if the EVIL SCUM that did this has been caught? Most of the time, they are not….BUT, I am hoping they have been…..WISHING SOME KARMA HERE…..Thank you, Christine in Oregon…..rescuer for 18 years……I would have taken her in a heartbeat……GOD BLESS THE VOICELESS….

  15. Hi Christine,
    Bernice is remarkably healed and lives with two of her long term caregivers from Animal Hospital of Oshkosh. As far as I know, the person who hurt her was never identified or punished.

  16. I agree 100% with you. My cats are all indoors. Most of them were outside, at one time, but no more. No cat or dog should be outside. Too much happening out there-abuse, coyotes, disease, etc. Thank God for people like Ms. Becky.

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