Bentley Up A Tree: Closeup View of a Rescue

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Los Angeles Animal Services’ able and well trained SmART Team rescue squad makes a cat rescue recorded on a superbly produced video. Thanks to the helmet cam we see and feel what it’s like to be up there coaxing a cat to safety from 40 feet above the ground.

Los Angeles Animal services is set apart by having its own highly trained seven person animal rescue squad. Fortunately for us, they make very well produced videos of some of their rescues and training sessions.

SmART Team conducted this rescue as just part of their work on a recent day. After saving Bentley, they went on to rescue a cat and an injured dog trapped 20 feet down a drainage wash.

The team describes their efforts to rescue Bentley this way:

Bentley was in a pine tree 40 feet up. Nett once again was primary rescue climber with Hammer on Belay. Nav coordinated the rescue from the ground.

Nett skillfully maneuvered 40 feet up to Bentley’s perch and boy was he happy to see her! While Nett set up anchors and prepared an Evac-Sac, Bentley let her know that he was ready to come down by purring and showing off some moves of his own.

Within minutes, Nett made the grab and lowered Bentley safely down to the ground.

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