Bengal cat gives doggie head massage

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Kitty gives her doggie friend a gentle head massage, by making biscuits on him.

The animals’ petparent, Austin, writes:

Hi all viewers. I am glad you enjoy this video.. It starred Willow the Weimaraner dog and Katouscka the Bengal cat. The cat started this practice when she was about 7 months old , and has done so ever since. Willow is a very understanding and forgiving dog , but she seems to enjoy the cat ” making dough” ( this is a term for this paw cat practice).. It’s amazing how these separate species relate to this extent, especially as they have always been depicted as sworn enemies .. But the reality is that they are what we create . In a peaceful interactive non competitive situation there is mutual play. They are all part of the pack here, one family, but three species interacting in a daily life .. They don’t see themselves as separate , but all kin.. Thanks folks for looking .. Austin.


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