Before and After: FIV Cat Transformation

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It took a year before his rescuers finally caught Guthrie in a humane trap. “When he finally went into it, he was a beaten up mess.” You won’t believe what he looks like now.

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This is Guthrie today, in his new home, after getting a warm bath. Guthrie loves head pats and belly rubs, according to the post on the Felines and Canines Facebook page. Here’s what his rescuer had to say about helping FIV-positive cats like Guthrie.

“I cannot believe how much he changed and hope that other shelters will stop looking at FIV as a horrible death sentence and see the value in these cat’s lives. Enjoy the before and after of Guthrie and join me in screaming- FIV ain’t NO thing!”

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  1. I volunteer at my local animal shelter. This lady brought a cat we did the FIV testing and it came back positive. we decided to adopt him. He is a great cat. With lots of love to give. All cats deserve a chance at a loving home.

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