Beautiful but Shy Black Cat Helps Heroes Heal

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Shy black cat heals grieving military family

After a husband and wife, both Air Force veterans, lost two of their beloved pets in the same year, they knew they needed to find a special animal to help heal the wounds which is exactly what a shy rescue did for the pair thanks to Pets for Patriots.

Even with busy military careers, the couple raised a son and daughter, and some four-legged kids, as well. “We added to our family a dog named Buddy and two cats, Shadow and Merlin,” Kathryn says. “We found that our pets brought not only love to our home but comfort to each of us during deployments, depression, and many things that life would bring our way. They truly became members of our family” Kathryn told Pets for Patriots.

Shy black cat heals grieving military family

But when their cat Shadow died suddenly and that same year the couple made the heart-rending decision to let 16-year old Buddy go, it was almost too much for the both of them.  Enter Pets for Patriots.

When Kathryn went to her local Petsmart, she came across a flyer about the organization’s partnership with Michigan Humane Society. After discussing with her husband, she decided to apply to the program and they were approved.

Kathryn and her daughter went to several locations looking for the perfect companion kitty for both themselves and Merlin, their other cat who was also quite lonely from the loss of both Shadow and Buddy. While her daughter fell in love with every kitten and cat they came across, it wasn’t until Kathryn met a somewhat timid, black cat that she knew, somehow, everything was going to be alright.

I was about to give up when I decided to meet this tiny, two-and-a-half-year-old black cat named Midnight May. It only took a minute for her to warm my heart. My daughter and I knew she was the one.”

The family quickly bonded. “In two short weeks, Luna has adjusted to us and Merlin. She is still a little shy and afraid of noises but likes to both cuddle and play. Perhaps she reminds Merlin of Shadow, as we cannot even believe how much her personality is like Shadow’s.”

Thanks to amazing organizations like Pets for Patriots and Michigan Humane Society, while the lose of a pet in never easy, the healing power of love does wonders for even the most broken heart.

Shy black cat heals grieving military family

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  1. What a lovely story. We have a black cat who showed up in our back yard a couple of years ago. He had no ID so he became our Sooty. We have also lost 2 dogs and a cat in the last 7 months. It is devastating. I miss them everyday.

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