Batman, the Cat With 4 Ears Gets Adopted!

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When the story went out everyone’s ears perked up.  Batman, a 3-year old rare breed cat, has the distinction of two ears in front and two ears in back.  Sadly, he had come from a home with other pets, but his owner could no longer care for the very friendly kitty. His unique look sparked a lot of interest and attention.

In a report from KXXV, veterinarian Dr. Todd Blauvelt said, “He’s a really cool cat. He’s really nice, really affectionate. He has a very rare congenital defect, it doesn’t really affect his hearing. He can hear just fine, but he has two little extra ears tucked kind of behind his ear. Really kind of a weird thing I’ve never encountered that we had to do some research to kind of look it up. And it’s something we’ve found that a couple of other cats in the past couple decades had.”

When word went out that Batman was finally available for adoption Western Pennsylvania Humane Society in Pittsburgh, following treatment for an upper respiratory infection, it only took a few hours for him to find a new forever family and home.

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