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Bart, the sweet survivor miracle kitty from Florida who dug himself out of a shallow grave and returned home after being hit by a car and badly injured, continues to improve, two and a half months after he made headlines worldwide in January as the Zombie Cat who returned from the grave.

Bart’s owner, Ellis Hutson, says he found Bart looking flattened, bloody and still in the road and thought he was dead, and then had a friend bury him.  Five days later, Bart managed to make his way to a neighbor’s yard, trying to get back home. Hutson took him for medical attention at the veterinary clinic at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, where he remains.

Bart had a badly damaged eye removed and had his broken jaw wired to help it heal and he’s been recovering from those surgeries, as well as being dehydrated, otherwise injured and in overall rough shape.

Bart not only needed to recover from his injuries and compromised health, he was in need of socialization and love, having been an outdoor cat who may not have gotten proper care and attention.

There is an ongoing court case to determine ownership of Bart. Ellis Hutson wants him back, and the Humane Society of Tampa Bay has refused to allow him to return to Hutson’s care.

Due in part to a YouTube video that surfaced and seems to indicate that at least one person in Hutson’s inner circle saw Bart moving before his burial, along with other concerns about his home life, the humane society decided not to return Bart to Hutson, and the matter turned into a legal battle , with Hutson suing to get Bart back. The case is not yet resolved.

Our last update on Bart was on March 13, when he was given a stroller by some friends.

Since then, he had reached a milestone in his recovery, having the wire removed from his jaw, and has cemented his friendship with another cat at the shelter.

Bart has truly blossomed over the past two and a half months. He gets plenty of love and attention from shelter staff and volunteers.

The legal process to determine custody of Bart began in court on March 5. The humane society will keep the public informed on developments in the case.

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay writes in recent updates at the Bart’s recovery page at their website::

UPDATE! March 30, 2015 Bart is a happy camper as he recently got the wires removed from his jaw and received some further repair to his palate. Dr. Justin Boorstein is very happy with his healing progress and how well he came through the surgery, although it will still be quite some time before his mouth is completely healed. He said that Bart should soon be able to start eating dry food again! In the picture above, he is happily giving himself a post-surgical bath while overseeing some of the staff in their office.

UPDATE! April 1, 2015 No April Fools joke here, Jack [Bart’s kitty friend] actually allowed Bart to nap in his favorite purple bed! They are becoming fast friends. Unfortunately, our staff member was without a desktop for a little while!


Jack & Bart Raiding the Toy Basket – video: April 2, 2015 Is Jack searching the basket for the perfect toy to share with his friend, Bart? Or is he simply hoarding all the goods? Either way, these two are TOO CUTE together! 


BART UPDATE! Today, our good friends from Humane Society of Pinellas came by for a visit and got to play with Bart. He showed them his favorite toy and how he has mastered the art of snagging that ribbon!

Posted by Humane Society of Tampa Bay on Wednesday, March 25, 2015


No #AprilFools joke here, Jack actually allowed Bart to nap in his favorite purple bed! They are becoming fast friends. Unfortunately, our staff member was without a desktop for a little while 🙂

Posted by Humane Society of Tampa Bay on Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Bart the Miracle Cat: Update on his recovery and a Q&A on his custody case

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  1. he is looking so good! they have done an excellent job with him! lets hope they get to keep him

  2. Yay for Bart. He looks wonderful. Amazing what happens when the cat is actually loved and cared for. Hats off to the Humane Society of Pinellas for all their hard work. It would be great if Bart and his BFF Jack could be adopted together.

  3. Really good to see him again. He looks so much healthier than the earlier photos and the care he has been receiving has transformed him.

    Cats are truly remarkable creatures that will rebound if given time and support. Go Bart!!!

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