Bart the miracle cat gets a stroller

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Bart, the sweet survivor miracle kitty from Florida who dug himself out of a shallow grave and returned home after being hit by a car and badly injured, is still on the minds of animal lovers several weeks after he made headlines worldwide in January as the Zombie Cat who returned from the grave.

Bart’s owner, Ellis Hutson, says he found Bart looking flattened, bloody and still in the road and thought he was dead, and then had a friend bury him.  Five days later, Bart managed to make his way to a neighbor’s yard, trying to get back home. Hutson took him for medical attention at the veterinary clinic at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, where he remains.

Bart had a badly damaged eye removed and had his broken jaw wired to help it heal and he’s been recovering from those surgeries, as well as being dehydrated, otherwise injured and in overall rough shape.

Due in part to a YouTube video that surfaced and seems to indicate that at least one person in Hutson’s inner circle saw Bart moving before his burial, along with other concerns about his home life, the humane society decided not to return Bart to Hutson, and the matter turned into a legal battle , with Hutson suing to get Bart back. The case is not yet resolved.

Bart has blossomed more and more as he heals. His sweet, friendly personality has emerged, and he is now looking like a different cat in comparison to the sad wretch who was presented to vets at the animal medical center.

He has received gifts from animal lovers touched by his tale, including several soft beds.

This week he was given a stroller so he can travel around in style and get out of the clinic for some fresh air and a change of scenery while staying both comfortable and safe.  Other than any outings he may get in his stroller, the humane society wants Bart to become an indoor cat from now on.

The humane society wrote at the page devoted to Bart’s recovery at their website:

“UPDATE! March 12, 2015 Bart got a visit from some very generous fans who personally presented him with his very own stroller! They wanted him to be able to get some fresh air, safely! These wonderful ladies from Sunshine Accessories in Tarpon Springs had a great time visiting with Bart and introducing him to his new ride. We can’t thank them enough!”

The legal process to determine custody of Bart began in court on March 5. The humane society says that over the next few weeks their legal team will conduct discovery into the circumstances surrounding his situation while in Hutson’s care. They say they will keep the public informed on developments in the case.

Meanwhile, Bart is doing great and continues to enjoy all the attention he gets from staff and volunteers.


“These wonderful ladies from Sunshine Accessories in Tarpon Springs had a great time visiting with Bart and introducing him to his new ride.”


March 6:  “Bart got a luxurious bath today with a safe whitening shampoo to help make him look even more handsome than he already was! He also got a little bling on his collar and a bow to match. But his favorite part of the pampering session was a post-spa snuggle fest with a favorite staffer.”


March 9: “BART UPDATE: Bart has received several wonderful beds from fans across the country. Today, he found this one particularly snuggly and we couldn’t resist snapping a shot. The perfect place to spend a Monday, don’t you think? Many thanks to all the generous folks who have sent him beds, toys, blankets, treats, cards and well-wishes. Keep sending positive thoughts and prayers his way!”


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  1. he is looking great! and hopefully if the humane society gets him they will find him a nice home so he wont every have to struggle outside… he is looking great!

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