Banished Volunteers Welcomed Back to Shelter as Director Leaves

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“Now we’re interested in who loves animals and who has time available.”

Paul Pape

A period of turmoil seems to be coming to an end as a shelter director resigns and banished volunteers are welcomed back.

News stories in recent days indicated that Diane Mollaghan’s future in her position as director at the Bastrop County, TX Animal Center appeared clouded as she got her second DWI arrest after a crash on Friday, February 22. Mollaghan’s six months at the shelter saw allegations of animals being kept in unacceptable conditions, the banishment of about 40 shelter volunteers, and a new, lengthy volunteer application form that was generally viewed as unnecessarily invasive.

Yesterday, county commissioners accepted Mollaghan’s resignation and invited the shelter volunteers back.

The volunteer application form was shortened, and county judge Paul Pape commented, “It asked for financial information and other things that were maybe inappropriate. We removed those out of the application, now we’re interested in who loves animals and who has time available.” Volunteers applauded the judge’s sentiment and the changes in policy and atmosphere that came out of the meeting covered in the video below.

“I think everybody is happy, it’s obvious they’re committed to volunteers now and they want the volunteers back because they have great animals at the shelter,” Ann Ford said.

Lorraine Joy, a volunteer happy to be going back to the shelter, said “I care about the animals and want to keep them happy and healthy,” she said.

“It’s going to be a good thing for the shelter, this shelter is moving forward,” added county commissioner Bubba Snowden.

2 thoughts on “Banished Volunteers Welcomed Back to Shelter as Director Leaves”

  1. I volunteer at a local cat shelter, working 5 days a week and working my butt off! it is lots of hard work and everyone needs to just join in and do whatever is needed for the cats. we love our kitties. thank goodness the 40 volunteers are willing to come back. we have 250 cats and I usually spend 8 hours per day volunteering. we have a great shelter! coz we love it….

  2. As I have read your story, I must say that in many places there are ididots that run shelters and they really don’t care for the animals at all. Iam glad he has been dismissed. Too often this type of a person stays on because they make people’s lives miserable. Such a person takes all the enjoyment out of what you are doing and the animals are suffering too. Why is it, that people just do what they like and what suits them. Regardless how it impacts others’. The world is full of folks such as this one. Send him on to mars. He won’t harm anyone there. Thank you for your kindness to the animals.

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