Baltimore’s ASPCA Cat Of The Year Mittens to Be Honored Nov. 17

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Local news channel WMAR ABC2 made an in home visit to Mittens: ASPCA Cat Of The Year in anticipation of next week’s awards luncheon in New York, where the Baltimore cat will be honored, along with Mayor’s Anti-Animal Abuse Commission chair Caroline Griffin.

We get to see Mittens as she is today, while petmom Cindy Wright talks about Mittens as a survivor turned regular house cat, and about her cat’s role in promoting animal welfare awareness and a strong anti-animal abuse stance in Maryland this year.

The Baltimore cat showed the utmost in dedication to her nursing kittens by returning to the lair of her torturers for the sake of her babies, after two teens trapped her under a milk crate and burned her last January. Mittens was rescued by BARCS and recovered, to be adopted by Cindy, a volunteers. Mittens also became an effective rallying figure, helping to raise awareness in Baltimore and to pass Maryland’s tough animal cruelty laws.

Caroline Griffin championed for animals in the highly publicised 2009 case of Phoenix the burned pit bull. She then left her private law practice to chair Baltimore’s Mayor’s Anti-Animal Abuse Commission.

The ASPCA awards to Mittens and Caroline highlight Baltimore’s unique and outstanding position as a city dedicated to protecting animals and stopping abusers. We have posted on Baltimore’s  Show Your Soft Side campaign in Tough Yet Tender. That campaign used local sports figures showing love for their own cats and dogs and sending a message that cruelty does not make you cool or manly; it makes you a rotten punk.

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