Awesomely SmART Sewer Rescue of Two Kittens

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A SmART team member holds one of the two kittens brought to safety in this beautifully produced feel-good video of a recent sewer rescue in Los Angeles. It’s a great team affiliated with Los Angeles Animal Services.

SmART (Small Animal Rescue Team), a rescue team affiliated with Los Angeles Animal Services, is comprised of six Animal Control Officers and one Registered Veterinary Technician with extensive experience and training in rescuing small animals in extreme situations. Since coming together in 2004, the current team has a 100% success rate, from cats in trees, to injured animals under houses, and even a deer in the ocean.

The team was activated to rescue two kittens trapped in a storm drain at Union Station in Los Angeles. Team members Smitty and Nav arrived and with the help from L.A. City Sanitation (Glen Houston and Daniel Varela) they entered the three different storm drain boxes to attempt the rescue.

Once the 500 pound grates were removed by Sanitation, the kittens fled in different directions 15 feet underground in the 50 foot long drain pipes. SmART used their custom “Pusher” tool to safely and humanely “push” the kittens out into an awaiting Freeman Mega Net, not a moment too soon. As the rescuers were finishing up, the drain pipes began to fill with water.

Both kittens were adopted by the person who first spotted them about a month ago.

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  1. I don’t know these people but I LOVE THEM~! Praise God for them, these poor kitties were in there at least a month? Hopefully they were good mousers. And so glad that they are staying together with the same adoptive family that got help for them. GREAT STORY, THANX FOR SHARING~!

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