Awesome Pic and Sweet Video: Dexter Kitten at PetLuv Clinic

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Who’s that adorable little kitty with the big ears?! Why it’s Dexter, flourishing in the loving care of PetLuv Spay and Neuter Clinic. We are almost in tears with joy over his progress in 12 short days.

We had planned just to share Decter’s new pic to our Facebook page wall this evening, since we have made several posts on Dexter already. Once we revisited PetLuv’s Facebook page to share the photo, though, we found this newly posted video of dear little Dexter kitten walking around and we knew we had to post the video, both to share now and to round out our coverage Dexter’s story.

In their commentary, the clinic says they are very pleased with Dexter’s mobility.  He has regained a lot of ability to move in a short time. They say his vision and hearing continue to be minimal, and they are watching and waiting for possible improvement on those fronts.

Get ready to be awwwww-ed.

Here he is, Dexter …

Note to readers: Every day we see that more of you have signed the petition asking the court to prosecute Dexter’s abuser to the fullest extent of the law. Thank you.

Justice For Dexter Kitten: Care2 Petition Asks Maximum Prosecution For Attacker
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0 thoughts on “Awesome Pic and Sweet Video: Dexter Kitten at PetLuv Clinic”

  1. So thankful for Dexter’s progress!!! Thank you for his loving care and for all the love and care you provide these animals – God Bless you, everyone!!!

  2. this is so wonderful to hear! he will be a special kitty and he will make it! god bless the petluv clinic!

  3. sweet baby. if he survives, he will be a special needs kitty, heads up to all looking to adopt him. sigh…..

  4. Thank you for the update on Dexter’s progress and for the video. I am praying for his recovery.

  5. oh I see. Okay, thank you for the information. I sure hope he’s going to be okay. It breaks my heart to think there’s people in this world that could do such a thing to a poor defensive animal. There should be a special place in hell for people like that!

  6. Love and kisses to you sweet Dexter. And, many many thanks to your rescuers and caretakers! Whoever gets you for their forever kitty will be very lucky 🙂

  7. oh Dexter boy, you just made my day =). I’m so glad you are doing better. And I really hope that beast gets what she deserves for doing this to you.

  8. Amen and I am so glad. We have 2 tuxedo cats, Jake and Oreo, Jake’s mom. They are the best cats!

  9. Isn’t he gorgeous and well done everyone, your kindness will be repaid a hundrefold

  10. I’m so happy for Dexter who survived that horrifying experience from the senseless abuse from that deranged woman ! I pray and hope that when
    Dexter gets to be adopted, they prioritize the kid’s family who saved him and brought him to the vet. Saving Dexter proves that this family will truly care and love Dexter and welcome them as a new member to their home.

  11. I totally agree with you. I’m sure the child who saved him was attached to Dexter from the get go.

  12. Here’s hoping Dexter does as well as my Semerkhett. We found our own little tuxedo kitten wandering the street, starving. We brought her in, fed her up, and found out why she had been abandoned by her mother at about 5 weeks old – she’s epileptic. And in her first two weeks with us, she had a major stroke. Like Dexter, she suffered serious brain damage. But now, at about 1 year, she’s walking, running, climbing the furniture, and can actually chase her small rubber ball. At first her vision was so bad we thought she was blind, but it turns out that her brain couldn’t process what her optic nerves were sending. She still has perception problems, but she can see. Given half a chance, cats (and babies of all species) can make some remarkable recoveries. Maybe someday Dexter and Semerkhett can trade photos on Facebook. May his recovery be as complete as hers!

  13. Read about this cute little guy on Catster…. Feel so bad for him and his littermate that died… 🙁 Hope that you get enough people to sign the petition. I tried to, but the link seems to have expired. Best of Luck!

  14. Someone posted a comment on the video saying that they’d put Dexter to sleep due to seizures. Is this true?

  15. Sadly, yes, Cynthia. after a great recovery, the little guy went into seizures and was suffering. His adopted Mom (a vet tech who cared for him from the start) and the staff at PetLuv made the difficult decision to let him go. RIP.

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