Auto Repair Shop Employees Rescue Kitten Injured in Car Engine

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Photo via Barstow Humane Society at Facebook

Caring staff at an automotive shop rescued a kitten who lost a limb when an engine was started and rushed her to get medical care. The rescuers had to chase and capture the panicked kitten before turning her over to their local humane society, and they checked back later to make sure she was ok after she had surgery.

The Barstow Humane Society in Barstow, California wrote about the rescue at Facebook Tuesday, saying:

“We received an emergency call today from Barstow Tire and Brake. They were working on a vehicle and went to start it up. Apparently there was a kitten laying on the engine for warmth and the fan from the vehicle severed the kitten’s left arm. Instead of not giving a darn-these CARING men called us to rescue the kitten. The kitten ran in panic everywhere and they worked hard to catch her and place her in a box. We rushed her to the vet and thank goodness she was able to be saved. Thank you to Barstow Tire and Brake and Thank you to Dr. Reddy. Please send healing positive thoughts and prayers her way. She has a long road ahead.”

Several people who praised the rescuers said they would be taking their vehicles to Barstow Tire and brake from now on. Local rescuers  commented on the thread and said they were networking to make arrangements to take the kitten and provide followup care.

The Desert Dispatch covered the story today and added more detail, speaking with Tommy Yates, manager at Barstow Tire & Brake, and Linda Glaudel, shelter manager at the Barstow Humane Society.

Tommy Yates told the Dispatch his staff called the Barstow Humane Society after the kitten was injured by the fan motor of a Chevy Astro Van.

“One of my guys, Rick Taylor, popped the hood to do a smog check and he saw this little kitty laying there,” Yates said. “The kitten saw Rick and freaked out, and tried to make a quick escape. But the poor little thing went in the wrong direction and nosed dived right into the fan motor.”

Mechanics Andrew Franey and Josh Adams helped to get the injured and bleeding kitten to go into a box.

“She’s doing wonderful and on the road to full recovery,” said Linda Glaudel. “Dr. Reddy from New Animal Hospital did a wonderful job treating the kitten. He’s been a huge help to us for years.”

Glaudel said  the kitten is about 8 weeks old and has been named Felicity.  Felicity is now with a no-kill rescue and will be made available for adoption following her recovery.

“The guys at Barstow Tire and Brake even called us to see if the cat made it through surgery,” Glaudel said. “If it wasn’t for those caring guys, the cat would have never made it here.”

Yates told the Dispatch the owner of the Astro Van said his cat recently had kittens and Felicity is probably from that litter.

While Felicity had a traumatic experience and lost a leg, she is now in caring hands and is expected to go on to find a good home.


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  1. What wonderful caring heroes these men are !! Thank you all for saving this kitten. I hope one of them give her a loving forever home.

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