Attention Walmart Shoppers….that sound you hear may be a cat

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Walmart cat rescue
Firefighters rescue cat from wall of Walmart, Dinuba, CA

A cat got the ultimate in a Black Friday special.  It was rescued from inside a wall at the Dinuba, CA, Walmart.

Attention Walmart Shoppers….that sound you hear may be a cat

A shopper exiting the store was a bit surprised when she heard a cat meowing.  She couldn’t pinpoint from where the sound was coming, but it disturbed her enough she called the local fire department.  Upon arrival, firefighters located the cat inside the wall.  To manage the extraction, they had to remove a panel from the roof and lowered a baited trap inside.  The cat, which was very hungry, was more than happy to accept the food and was successfully pulled out and passed over to a veterinary technician who took the animal to be checked out.  However, this is not the only cat to have been rescued at a Walmart.

Walmart kitten rescue
Wally was rescued from between two metal containers outside a Walmart in Palm Coast, FL

Wally, the kitten, was stuck between two large containers outside a Walmart in Palm Coast, FL. Dispatched Animal Control officers, Eva Boivin and Heather Priestap, considered that the little guy had been dropped by the mama cat from a tree branch that hung over the containers.  When the kitten stopped crying and the officers lost the verbal cue on where he was, Priestap resorted to looking for apps on her cell phone for a cat sound.  As the recording was played, Wally answered and they were able to identify his location.  City employees were able to use an inflatable device to safely move one of the large containers so he could be rescued and taken to Flagler Animal Hospital to be checked out before continuing on to the Flagler Humane Society.

Walmart mama cat & kittens rescue
Stark, Rhodey, Jarvis, Pepper, Happy and their mama, Marvel, were rescued by reddit user Leyley904 at a Walmart Garden Center

At yet another Walmart, this time in the Garden Center, a woman rescued a mama kitty, which she named Marvel, and her litter of  five black “Iron Man” kittens aptly named Stark, Rhodey, Jarvis, Pepper, and Happy.  Marvel was hungry and lured out by the rescuer, reddit user Leyley904,  She brought them home and with the help of the local rescue for whom she volunteers, everyone was fixed, vaccinated, and micro-chippped.  Marvel, who was quite feral, was placed at a farm where she is well cared for and the kittens were all successfully adopted.

What was of equal interest, given all these reported cat rescue incidents at Walmart, is that Walmart sells a product called the Stray Cat Rescue Kit.  It is a Havahart feral cat trap designed with the purpose of its being camouflaged as a trap and to keep the cat, once trapped, soothed while it is inside.  Seems that perhaps Walmart may need to make use of some of its own product.  Thankfully, there are many caring customers, employees,  firefighters, and rescues that come together to aid some felines who may not have been so lucky in their shopping endeavors.

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